How to give skins and dances in Fortnite to your friends


For the users, the success of Fortnite is summed up in an endless number of very funny games in which a novel mix of shooter and construction game gives rise to really crazy situations. If we add the extravagances of the clothing (skins) and the weapons of the players, the result is what it is: a game of success.

Epic Games hit the nail on the head Offer a completely free game in which the extras would be a great source of income. The users, already familiar with the term Free to Play , received the idea with enthusiasm and soon fell into the networks of the business that hid the game. That is none other than the sale of skins and dances , of course.

How to give a friend skins and dances of Fortnite

In addition to the dances and the season pass , the skins are the only complements that we can acquire in the game. There are no additional weapons, or any other element that affects the game beyond the aesthetic level, but even so, users die for having them. Until now, players could buy the accessories in the game itself using PaVos , the currency of the game, and now it seems that we can finally also make gifts, a function much in demand among players.

Fortnite will allow you to give skins and dances to your friends this month

The idea is not to give a skin or a dance to any of our friends, either as a gift (we can include a personalized message) or because that person does not have money at that time and we want to throw the cable so that can have that exclusive dance pass.

The option will be available within each article, since in addition to the buy button, we will find a new button called “Buy as a gift” , where after pressing it, we can choose which user of our list of friends we want to send. As always, the paVos will be used to purchase the products , so you will have to have enough in your virtual wallet to make the purchase.

Available very soon

How to give skins and dances in Fortnite to your friends

The function, which is not yet available, has been discovered by a user who has managed to activate the new function in the game. Everything points to the fact that the function will arrive on October 21 , since in the images we can see how when trying to send the article to a user of the list of friends the message “This friend can receive gifts in 8 days” appears, although there will be be foresighted and wait patiently.

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