How to evolve to Meltan, the unique creature of Pokémon GO becomes Melmetal

How to evolve to Meltan, the unique creature of Pokémon GO becomes Melmetal

With its already available in the game, we have been slow to get back to having news about Pokémon GO, and this time around its last and unique creature : the curious .

In case you did not know, Meltan will be one of the joints of the Pokémon GO game for smartphones with the title Pokémon Let’s GO of Nintendo Switch , and today the Nintendo guys have presented with Niantic Melmetal, the evolution of a Meltan that becomes thus in the first singular Pokémon with capacity to evolve in another more powerful creature.

In a video dedicated to Melmetal from Nintendo tell us the story of this funny monster shaped like a giant nut , which can also follow us in Pokémon: Let’s GO as a huge metal bodyguard.

It closes the investigation into Meltan , which began as a well-founded rumor after some rather rare sightings and that have ended with a unique Pokémon that we know evolves into a Melmetal that, according to Nintendo, was venerated in the past for its ability to create metal .

Melmetal is a 2.5-meter-tall, 800-kilogram steel-type bug , which can hit with its fists with its flexible arms and has a powerful physical attack called Double Ferropuño for the one who uses the twist of its chest. Rotating his arms and giving a double blow to his opponent.

How to evolve to Meltan, the unique creature of Pokémon GO becomes Melmetal

How to evolve to Meltan to get your Melmetal

Research has revealed that Meltan can indeed evolve, but only in Pokémon GO and thanks to 400 Meltan Caramels that you will have to collect specimens of the same species after opening a Mysterious Box and sending them to Professor Willow, or also to take Meltan with us as companion of adventures .

These Meltan candies are also available if they send a Meltan from Pokémon GO to Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! You can even accelerate the process of evolution by getting more Meltan Candies in exchanges with friends or using Rare Candies.

Once evolved, Melmetal can be sent to any version of Pokémon Let’s Go , as well as we can ask our friends to send us one from their Pokémon GO accounts.

A curious novelty that Pokémon GO players will appreciate to deepen the multi-platform experience of one of the most important titles of Nintendo in both smartphones and their own consoles. And you … do you already have your Melmetal?

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