How to edit your photos to remove pimples, wrinkles and more imperfections from your mobile

How to edit your photos to remove pimples, wrinkles and more imperfections from your mobile

How we like to look good in the photos! Taking a selfie in conditions can be a pain in the ass, especially if you are a bit presumptuous and can not stand the idea of ​​having that scar on your face, black dots or any other type of imperfections -which are completely natural, on the other hand-. There are tools, such as Photoshop, that allow you to fix all those little details, but they have one drawback: not everyone can pay for them or know how to use them. Fortunately, on Android we have a wonderful app called Snapseed that will serve you perfectly to “make up” and Remove the pimple from your forehead in that photo that you like so much .

The first thing you should do is download Snapseed , you have the link at the end of the article. Once you have it installed, open it and locate the photo you want to edit. The tool you’re looking for is in the “Tools” section, worth the redundancy, and it’s called “Stain remover” . Now you just have to touch-or swipe with your finger- about the area you want to modify and, automatically, the pimple, wrinkle, black dot, etc., will disappear from the image without leaving a trace.

The result is really impressive, and for shows, a button. I took a selfie of mine to remove some moles and a couple of imperfections of the face, plus a couple of hairs of the beard that I do not like how they are. As you can see, The scores are very good, you hardly notice the edition. The only thing you have to do is to gradually touch all the areas you want to modify. To make the edition as accurate as possible, I recommend you do all the zoom you can . On the left, the before. On the right, later.

As you can see, the moles of the right cheek and the imperfections of the area of ​​the left eye have disappeared completely. In passing, I took advantage of and I have removed the dark circles .

I can guarantee you that I did not take two minutes to leave the photo completely edited . Obviously, it will take much longer if you have more imperfections, but to remove a pimple or a black dot too showy, with a few taps on the screen you will be ready. I imagine that you have already noticed, but this tool can also be used to Remove annoying people in your street photos , clouds that you do not like in a photo of the sky and anything you can imagine. Take a look at the app, because it’s worth it.

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