How to download YouTube videos on your phone


YouTube has become an entertainment portal that entertains the evening to all types of users. Maybe some of them will be watching technological news videos , summaries of games, ASMR sessions or gameplays, but there is something that is played over and over again with music video clips.

Whether it’s having the background music or enjoying the video clip, there are many users who take advantage of the great YouTube music catalog to listen to their favorite music. The problem is that when we do not have a connection we can not play any of those clips, so we decided to bring you a couple of solutions with which you can go with the music elsewhere.

YouTube Music, the most complete payment option

How to download YouTube videos on your phone

Such was the musical interest of YouTube users, that the service was forced (quite smart on their part) to open a section where everything related to music was collected. In the new section called Music, the service is responsible for gathering lots of music videos so you can know the successes of the moment, new additions or explore playlists according to your interests or moods.

As we said is the most complete option, but also payment. With a subscription of 9.99 euros per month (there is the promotion of 3 free trial months), you will have the right to store the videos you want on site with an expiration time of 30 days, at which time you will have to reconnect to the network so that they remain in the memory of your terminal. The subscription also offers the possibility of listening in the background even when the mobile screen is off and avoid all types of advertising.

Other methods to download YouTube videos

How to download YouTube videos on your phone

In addition to the “official way”, there are many other tools with which to download the reproduced video to see later without the need of an internet connection. We have for example the option to download the clip in MP4 format . In that case the options could be some how are you:

Basically all do the same, and are extremely simple to use. We will only have to copy the URL of the video in which we are interested, paste it into the dialog box of the web, and choose the format in which you want to obtain the downloaded clip. In OnlineVideoConverter and FLVTO you can choose many formats, and you can also select audio formats to convert the videos into simple music tracks, so you can also carry your favorite music in your mobile music player (or old MP3 player – are still used these devices?-).

Download YouTube videos with VLC

If you prefer to do it yourself and make sure you get the best image quality without converters, there is a way to get the file using VLC on a computer. To achieve this you must follow the following steps:

  • Copy the URL of the video you want to download.
  • Open VLC and click on File> Open Network.
  • Paste the copied URL and click on Open.
  • The video will start playing in a VLC window.
  • It’s time to click on Window> Multimedia Information (In Windows, Tools> Codec Information).
  • You will obtain a window with the information of the clip, and in the general tab you will have to copy the information located in the “Location” field.
  • That endless URL will be the direct link to YouTube video, so you’ll just have to copy it into a browser and use the “Save page as” option.
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