How to download and install the public beta of iOS 12 on your iPhone


Since last night, the public beta of iOS 12 , a beta that is giving a lot to talk about, not so much because of the innovations included in them, but because of the optimization approach that Apple has given it, which is causing it to work faster than iOS 11.4, a update that is giving many headaches to its users.

The good thing about this beta is that we will not need to be developers to be able to enjoy it, so although iOS 12 was presented on June 4, anyone can already install it in one of the iPhones, iPad or iPod compatible .

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So you can enjoy public beta of iOS 12

As always when we talk about a beta, we recommend you install the public beta of iOS 12 in a secondary device , because despite its great stability, some features of it may not work correctly. We tell you this because there are many users who then complain that something has gone wrong and that they were not warned of the risks, so we prefer to heal in health.

Once this is said, we will go to the web for public betas from Apple and we will follow the following steps:

  • Click where it says ” Sign Up “, To then register with our Apple ID (it is recommended to make a backup of the device with iTunes beforehand).

How to download and install the public beta of iOS 12 on your iPhone

  • We go to the button that says ” Download Profile “And we click on it. Next we will download a configuration profile which includes the public beta.
  • We restart the device.
  • We address the system settings and we check if there are updates available. If all went well, the iOS 12 beta should be available.
  • We install the update and when it finishes installing, we reboot the device.
  • Enjoy the public beta of iOS 12.

How to download and install the public beta of iOS 12 on your iPhone

As you know this update is compatible with a wide range of devices and involves optimizations of stock applications, Siri, in the application of iMessage and some augmented reality functions, as well as a general improvement in the fluidity of the system.

If you have doubts about how to make a Backup with iTunes or like going back to iOS 11.4 if something goes wrong, you can always have a look at Article of our colleagues of APPLE5X1 , who also prepared this magnificent video to make everything even easier. We await your impressions and comments.

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