How to delete files safely on Android


You will not be the first or the last user to change mobile this year. It is likely that before buying your new phone, you want to sell yours, so, in advance, you should Delete all files safely on Android . For this, the National Cryptographic Center itself, puts in your hands its own tool so that nobody is able to recover your private data , even if the smartphone has been formatted.

And is that many users are unaware that when a file is deleted, the data is not really deleted. Delete a file means telling the system that the next time you need to write data, you can overwrite the space used by the file in question, but the contents themselves are not permanently deleted until the new write operation takes place. Until that occurs, the information remains physically stored and it can be recovered if the form is known … unless you use an application to Delete files safely on Android.

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Deleting files safely

Not even a format can delete your private files 100%. Although in Apple it has been verified that during the reset of the mobile data deletion is physical, not all Android devices manage to delete files safely. Therefore, we recommend using the app CCNDroid Wiper that you must download from the CCN website .

How to delete files safely on Android

As we have said, deleting the data definitely implies a overwriting of the data, and this is precisely what the app does CCNDroid Wiper automatically, without the user being aware of it. The app is able to delimit how much free space will be necessary to process with each deletion and will generate as much content as necessary. If you need to use this space later, you can release it from the device’s own configuration.

From the settings of the app you can, through a file browser interface, make a secure deletion of the current free space available in both the internal storage of the device and the Micro SD . You can also configure the free space that you want to have both in the internal storage of the device and the memory card. Of course, if the process is tedious, you can always uninstall the app and delete files again as usual, but you know that the deletion is “fictitious”.

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