How to create your own WhatsApp channel on Android

How to create your own WhatsApp channel on Android

Since the end of last week, WhatsApp for Android offers the possibility of creating a channel . Whilethis option only seemed to be available for iOS users, since the last update of the messaging application, users of the green Android operating system can also create a channel on WhatsApp , where only administrators can write messages.

This type of channels are one of the characteristics that users had been asking for the longest , because it represents a great advance at the level of utility for the millions of people who use the platform on a daily basis, and bring it closer to other popular services such as Telegram, where it is possible to create channels for several years now.

But How to create a channel in WhatsApp? The process to be able to have our own channel is simpler than it seems, and for that, we will only have to follow one by one the steps that we leave you next.

Create channels in WhatsApp, what is it for?

How to create your own WhatsApp channel on Android

First of all, you have to keep in mind what is the use of having a WhatsApp channel of your own , in which only the administrators – be it only us or other people who have been added later – will be able to send messages. Among the different uses that can be given to a channel, the following can be highlighted:

  • Channel of notices through which to send notifications or messages to the rest of participants, that these will not be able to answer.
  • Channel with links to offers or bargains, in the same way as the
  • Channel to share any type of information or content with all those subscribed members, without “messing up” the chat with messages from other people.

In short, anything that consists of share information for which an interaction is not required by the rest of the group members, it can be carried out through one of these new WhatsApp channels. While it is true that there are some limitations, such as a maximum of 256 participants .

How to create a WhatsApp channel

It’s time for create a channel on WhatsApp , and there may be two situations: the first, that we have a group that we want to transform to channel where only administrators can write; and the second, that we want create a totally new channel. However, in both cases the procedure will be the same:

  1. First, you must access the group information -new or old-, entering the conversation and clicking on the name of the group .
  2. Once inside the information panel, you will have to find the section “Group settings” and access it .
  3. Within this settings panel, a new option named “Send messages” . By clicking on it, a drop-down menu will be opened that allows Choose between two options.
  4. The first option allows all group members to write, while the second, “Only administrators” will be what allows us create our WhatsApp channel.

Once the preferences of the group-now transformed into a channel-have been changed, all those members who are not administrators will not be able to write in the group , and only we will be able to send messages, which the rest of course can read, although not answer.

Prevent anyone from changing channel information

But that is not all. In the probable case of want to prevent the rest of the members of the channel from modifying the information of this, you will have to go back to the “Group Configuration” menu and under the option “Edit info. of the group “, select” Only administrators “. In this way, only those members of the channel with the necessary privileges can modify data such as subject, icon or description.

How to add new administrators to a WhatsApp channel

Finally, it may be of interest at some point add new administrators to the WhatsApp channel that has just been created, so that they can send messages whenever the creator -in this case, us- is not available. To do this, once again it will be necessary to return to the “Group configuration” menu and in the “Edit admins. of group ” , mark all those that they will have permission to send messages or change the channel information.


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