How to check the battery charge cycles of your iPhone


Despite the subsequent modifications made in iOS 11.3, Apple showed how the state of deterioration of the battery affected to a greater or lesser extent the performance of the iDevice . The current versions of iOS allow us to check the percentage of maximum load that the battery supports, but not the load cycles . Below, we show you two programs that help you to check how many charge cycles the battery of your iPhone or iPad accumulates.

Until the end of the year, Apple maintains the iPhone battery replacement program at a reduced price as compensation for the evil known as BatteryGate . An effect that determines the performance of the phone based on the state of the battery . A state that is being devalued with use , mainly due to the effect of battery recharging. For that precious reason it can be very interesting to know how to check the number of charge cycles accumulated by the battery. And is that, in theory, reached the 500 cycles , the battery loses capacity and effectiveness, at which time it may be essential to replace it with a new one.

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Check the number of battery charging cycles of an iPhone

And when does my iPhone battery reach those 500 cycles or how much is left for it? The section of Health of the battery integrated in the adjustments of the system from iOS 11.3 offers us a perspective, but not of the whole exact one. With this tool, iOS tells us the capacity of charge lost by the battery with the passage of time. How to check the battery charge cycles of your iPhone

However, if we want to discover the number of times we have recharged the battery, data corresponding to the load cycles, we have to resort to alternative applications. We really talk about programs for Mac and Windows , since it is one of the only ways to check it, without Jailbreak.

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With coconut Battery

The first and best known is coconut Bettery . It is a program for Mac that, once installed, gives us technical information about our iPhone, iPad or even Mac.

Once you install it and run it, you just have to go to the iOS Device tab . From this screen, specifications and interesting data are listed, such as the model reference, the date of its manufacture, the version of iOS installed and the internal storage space used. How to check the battery charge cycles of your iPhone

The interesting part is shown in the second section, immediately below. It refers to the current load capacity of the device. The following, Full Charge Capacity refers to the maximum load currently supported by the battery. The section Design capacity tells us the maximum capacity of the battery left from the factory.

Finally, we find the section referring to the charging cycles performed on the battery. You know that, if they are close to the number 500, it may be time to think about changing the battery.

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With iBackupBot for Windows

If you do not have Mac, you can check the number of cycles accumulated by the battery of your iPhone or iPad from a program developed for Windows . It is called iBackupBot and, although it is paid, we have the possibility to use it for a week.

The use of this program is as simple as being installed and executed once we have connected the iPhone in question to the PC through the cable. How to check the battery charge cycles of your iPhone

Then, we just have to select our device that appears in the interface and click on the More Information section, at the bottom. Then, a popup window with technical information will appear. We just have to look at the first three, which indicate the number of cycles, the maximum charge of the battery and which is capable of accumulating now.

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