How to capture Meltan in Pokémon GO

How to capture Meltan in Pokémon GO

At the , a new creature never seen before, that had begun to appear in the game in a mysterious way and whose peculiarity was its viscous body, attached to a nut-shaped head with a big central hole. Little by little, the coaches have managed to decipher more information about this strange monster pocket, but so far, the steps to follow to capture Meltan in Pokémon GO remained a mystery.

Now, when

Capture Meltan in Pokémon GO: how to do it step by step

In a series of videos published by The Pokémon Company, the steps to follow to capture Meltan in Pokémon GO are explained, and even clues are given about a possible evolution for this mysterious creature, .

One of the videos shows Professor Willow with Professor Oak, both investigating Meltan. In it, they reveal that the Pokémon can only be transferred from the Willow world to the Kanto region through a mysterious box , an element that will be of great importance when capturing Meltan in Pokémon GO , since it will serve to “unlock” its appearance in Pokémon GO.

And how can you get one of these mysterious boxes? I’m afraid that this will have to go through the box, and that is only those who connect their Pokémon GO profiles with those of Evee“> the games that will be released next November for Nintendo Switch, and send one of its Pokémon to the console title, will unlock this item.

When you send Pokémon Pokémon Go to one of the titles of Nintendo Switch you will get certain elements in the application, such as Candies for the Pokémon species you sent. However, the first time you send a Pokémon, you can also get a very special item: a mysterious box. – The Pokémon Company

Once this mysterious box is opened, with its profiles of Pokémon GO and Pokémon: Let’s Go already associated and the first Pokémon already sent, the trainers will see how Meltan begins to appear along the map of the game available to be captured using, as always , a Pokéball.

When Meltan has been captured , the mysterious box will automatically close again, and the coaches can even send it to Pokémon: Let’s Go! so that he accompanies them during his adventures throughout the game.

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