How to add the 2019 work calendar to Google Calendar


During these days we would have to confirm the 2019 work schedule that last week the different autonomous communities of our country were advancing, with national holidays being the only ones that still remain in the air. However much would have to change things so that finally the next 14 holidays next year are not those we show below:

Varying slightly with respect to previous years regarding some dates such as Easter or January 7, again in 2019 we will have 14 holidays divided between eight national holidays to be held throughout Spain, four other holidays fixed by each autonomous community and two local festivities of each city.

In this way, the 2019 work calendar indicates as holidays the days of January 1, April 19, May 1, August 15, October 12, November 1, December 6 and December 25. They should be added on January 7 in some communities for the transfer of the Day of Kings and December 9, to fall on the day of the Immaculate (December 8) on Sunday.

How to add the 2019 work calendar to Google Calendar

To these holidays of 2019 should be added the dates granted by each autonomous community and each locality, which you can consult on the website of Cinco Días . With so much holiday ahead, or rather, with so many differences between communities and cities, you probably want to have everything organized in the best way possible, for which add the 2019 work calendar to Google Calendar and synchronize it with your mobile phone It will be a great help.

Add the 2019 holidays to Google Calendar

All you have to do to add the 2019 work calendar to your Google Calendar is to access the

If you want to go “to shot done” instead of creating a new calendar you can select the option “Explore calendars of interests” and, in the drop-down that opens, look for Holidays in Spain . In this way the 2019 labor calendar of our country will be updated.

Once you have established the holidays of the 2019 work calendar, it is your turn to synchronize the calendar with the Google Calendar application for Android or for iPhone . It is not a complicated step since nothing else to open the application in the mobile, all the dates established in the previous step will be fixed in the smartphone app. To do this you just have to sign in with the same Google Calendar account, either on iOS or Android.

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