How to add music to Facebook Stories

How to add music to Facebook Stories

Facebook surprises allowing users to add music in their Stories , in a similar way to

The mechanics are quite similar to the one used by Instagram. When the user selects a photo or a video to share in their stories, by touching the label icon the music can be selected . Once the song you want to insert is found, the user can choose the perfect part to share and add the label with the name of the artist and the song .

Add songs to a musical section of the profile

How to add music to Facebook Stories

The catalog of available songs is the same as the one that can be found on Instagram. The user can move the label and add others and effects to personalize his story. The company has also announced that songs can be added to a musical section of the profile . There you add the melody that is being listened to at that moment and other songs, you can even place a song at the top of your profile to share .

In this way, friends who visit the profile will be able to listen to the songs that are highlighted , including a video with photos of the artists and the album cover. Then they have the option of being able to add the song to their own profile or visit the artist’s Facebook page .

Facebook has also announced that they have implemented Lip Sync Live to all profiles . An option that allows users to choose a song and dub it in video , then share that clip with their contacts. The social network ensures that they are opening the show to more artists and creators, who will choose if they add their songs to Lip Sync in their pages to connect with their fans. To improve this service, Facebook is beginning to add the lyrics of the songs , a feature much in demand by users.

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