How to activate YouTube’s dark mode on iOS


We knew for a while that Google was working at Dark YouTube mode for iOS and Android . And finally we have this function available for mobile phones Manzana and, very soon, it will also reach Android devices.

It’s really funny that Google has decided implement the dark mode of YouTube before iOS that to its own operating system, although if you have an Android phone you can rest assured that this functionality of the streaming video platform will soon reach the operating system of the great G.

How to activate YouTube's dark mode on iOS

Now you can activate the dark YouTube mode on your iPhone or iPad

It has been the Twitter user Dan Andrus who has posted a message indicating the arrival of YouTube’s dark mode to iOS devices. A very useful feature that will allow you to enjoy more conveniently the contents of this platform on any iPhone or iPad.

The first thing you should do if you want to activate the dark YouTube mode on your iOS device is to update the application. Now, you simply must go to the settings, after clicking on our profile picture, and select the “Dark Mode”.

As we said, this new functionality of streaming video service from Google will soon arrive to Android devices, probably during this week. Recall that YouTube’s dark mode consists of a change in the interface to make it more pleasant to use in poorly lit environments . As its name suggests, the dark mode what it does is obscure the entire interface of the application so that it does not damage our vision while we use it.

For this we will see that the background happens to have a black tone While the text on YouTube happens to have a lighter tone. In this way we can see any content in a more comfortable way without damaging the view. Ideal to use at night without being disturbed by the clear tones that the YouTube application usually has.

Now we just have to wait for Google to officially announce the arrival of this dark YouTube mode to Android devices. Taking into account that the iPhone and iPad already enjoy this functionality, it is likely that this week we will have an update of the YouTube application for Android terminals with this new function available.

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