How to activate Sincroaventura in Pokémon Go on both iOS and Android


At the end of October, it was announced that a new option was added to the Pokémon Go game that allows the coaches to record the steps that are taken without the game being active. Well, this possibility, called Sincroaventura , is already active and we indicate how to activate it.

To take advantage of the new option that comes to this game what you have to do is to establish a synchronization with the Google Fit applications in the case of having an Android terminal or, if you have an iPhone, use the one that is Name Health Thus, all the exercise carried out with the smartphone on top is detected – and, automatically, it is sent to the development in which the known creatures created by Nintendo have to be hunted. By the way, at this time to be able to use this option must have level 35 in , but in the near future when the deployment is global will lower the requirement to simply exceed the fifth.

The benefits are several, because thanks to Sincroaventura it is possible to get more candy to improve the Pokémon and, also, hatching eggs is done more quickly (so you get to advance the game much faster, which is perfect for the new ones). A good detail of this functionality is that you receive a weekly summary of the progress made, so it is possible to keep track of what has been achieved.

How to activate Sincroaventura in Pokémon Go on both iOS and Android

Steps to activate Sincroaventura on iOS and Android

The truth is that getting this is the simplest , what sow is a virtue. But if you do not want to lose yourself or go looking for more than you should, you simply have to follow the ones indicated below – without skipping any step. In less than two minutes you will have perfectly configured Pokémon Go Sincroaventura option with both Google Fit and Apple Health:

  • Click on the game menu , which is represented by the icon of a Poké Ball
  • Now, you must choose the option that allows you to configure the Pokémon Go game, the same one that is used regularly
  • Click on Sincroaventura and a window will appear in which you ask to give permission to the development to access Google Fit if you use an Android or Health terminal if you have an Apple
  • Once this is done, you will have finished (obviously, if you want to revert what you have done, you simply have to access the same site and deactivate the option)

How to activate Sincroaventura in Pokémon Go on both iOS and Android

If you want to know that everything has gone as it should, what you have to do is make the recognition applications of physical exercise. In them, you will have to check what Pokémon Go is connected and has permission (in each development you follow different steps, but in Android you must search is the option Applications and connected devices and, in iOS, the section called Sources ).

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