How much the price of mobiles decreases every year in the second hand market


If you already know all the to buy the , the or any other phone that comes to your mind, what will interest you most, or should interest, is knowing when to sell it to obtain the maximum economic benefit of the transaction. At this point it is essential to have in hand information on how low the price of mobile phones every year in the second-hand market, and that is what we bring you today.

According to Certideal, a company specialized in buying and selling second-hand smartphones , smartphones are the best-selling products in the private market. However, they are also the fastest-devaluing products with the passage of time. By making an average, the sales platform estimates that second-hand mobiles lose 25% of their value per year. That is, if today you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for 900 euros, and sell it within a year, they will not give you more than 675 euros.

How much the price of mobiles decreases every year in the second hand market

In one or two years, your new mobile will be worth less than half

Just take a look at the second-hand stores to check this fact. For example, let’s look at the , a smartphone released to the market last year and that next week will meet its successor in the form of Huawei Mate 20. The phone went on sale for 799 euros but today, only 12 months later, it is bought for 212 euros in buy it for a figure close to 280 euros. The low-end and mid-range smartphones tend to be the ones that lower the price, since they are the terminals that are renewed most quickly from one year to the next by the manufacturers. It is also the largest catalog of devices.

Smartphones not only lose value because of the use we give them, but also with the launches that companies make of new models with better features. In fact, last year, 78% of sales of smartphones were by substitution and, of these sales, many were carried out to have the latest releases of the companies.

Something similar happens with the high-end, with the exception of Apple products. Whether computers, tablets or phones, the Cupertino company’s articles suffer the least devaluation. The high-end of the manufacturer, with smartphones such as the at the head, are devalued only when Apple launches new models on the market, so its depreciation is slower.

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