How much should a mobile weigh? These are the most common weights

How much should a mobile weigh?  These are the most common weights

With the passage of time, technology evolves a lot, and, in general, This means that it adapts more to the user who consumes it, and not vice versa. And it is not logical that we have to do certain things, such as excessive size, that we find uncomfortable, or at least not when technology advances.

With mobile technology the same thing happens, and as the years have passed, manufacturers have managed to create products with quality screens, and large, as well as powerful processors, which fit in our pocket, and they give us absolutely no problem.

However, although they do not weigh a couple of kilos, the truth is that The experience we have with a terminal varies a lot depending on the weight that this has. And believe us, it shows a lot, but what is the perfect weight for a smartphone?

How much should a mobile weigh?  These are the most common weights

What is the ideal weight of a smartphone?

As you know, the more we weigh our smartphone, the more it will cost us to have this in hand for sustained periods of time, but, on the other hand, ** the less it weighs, the more fragility we will have with it. **

In addition, on a personal level, a mobile that weighs as little as the Xiaomi Mi 5 -129 grams weighed It makes me think I’ve lost it every time I put it in my pocket. It is very comfortable to wear, yes, but in the long run it does not compensate.

How much should a mobile weigh?  These are the most common weights

The truth is that, saving exceptions, no mobile usually weighs as little as this, and the reality is that the largest phablets, such as the Galaxy Note 8, the Sony Xperia Xperia X2 or the iPhone 8 Plus, are around 200 grams, which seems to us quite excessive. And more in the case of the Sony terminal, if we consider that it is a 5.7 inch terminal with less than 3.200 mAh battery.

Ideally, your mobile phone does not become heavy on your hand, but you will notice it when it is in your pocket

On the other hand, if we consider somewhat smaller terminals, such as the Galaxy S8 +, the Pixel 2 XL or the OnePlus 6, we will find a weight around 170 grams, which, a priori, we consider the ideal for a terminal big. And we say this because we understand that, due to its components and size, we can not ask for extreme lightness, and this weight, in hand, does not make us heavy, and we think it is quite reasonable.

How much should a mobile weigh?  These are the most common weights

And is that, to find terminals that weigh less, we have to go to the sizes that are around 5 inches, and as is the market, we can see that they do not have too much time to live, as it happened at 4 , 5 inches at the time. Pixel 2, OnePlus 5, Huawei P10 or Samsung Galaxy S8 are some of the mobiles that are around 140 and 150 grams, so you can get an idea.

In conclusion, we have to say that, depending on how big the screen is, we would be willing to assume certain commitments with the weight of each terminal, but, in the current days, we think that the ideal weight for a phablet of more than 5.5 inches, but less than 6.5, should be around 160 and 170 grams, since it would weigh enough to give us a sense of robustness, but not so much as to make us uncomfortable.

And what do you think? How much does your smartphone weigh?


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