How can you make money from social networks even if you do not have thousands of followers


Social networking is no different from other tools and tools that have been exploited in the world of marketing and business as soon as they spread and spread. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are no longer just a means for people to share their interests and ideas. Companies and customers, between the seller and the buyer, which means they have become an effective way to earn money at the level of individuals and businesses alike.

Given the number of active users of the most popular social media, we will understand how important it is in the world of marketing and business, and therefore their ability to generate material gains. One of the most important rules of a marketing or advertising medium is its ability to reach audiences, including potential customers, Social networking has huge numbers of these audiences, such as 2 billion active users per month for Facebook, 800 million users for InStagram, and 330 million active users per month for Twitter.

Large numbers realized the importance of large companies, which called on these companies to increase their budget for advertising and marketing on social networking sites by 63 percent during this year only, a figure confirmed by the survey Bloglovin , which targeted a large group of experts and marketing managers in A large number of companies.

This is the level of companies, medium and large businesses, but what about the level of individuals? How can an individual achieve real material benefit from this clear marketing development of social media? This is what we will try to answer in what follows from the lines, guided by some of the tips provided by Forbes.

In the beginning, we need to clarify a concept that has recently emerged in the world of marketing on social networking sites, namely, marketing through influencers through social influencer marketing. This term refers to the tendency of companies and advertisers to exploit the reputation of influential people on social networking sites in order to capitalize on their fame and by their apparent influence on their followers.

This does not mean that in order to benefit as a member of this new method, you have to have thousands of followers, and even the following tips may work even if you have a thousand followers or a little less.

The first of these tips is simply “be you”, do not try to be anyone else, and do not make your activity on your page or account seem fake or fabricated. According to a survey by TapInflunece , 71 percent of influential people across social media confirmed that honesty The content that they work on must reflect their true nature and interests. Content about health or sport should not be written simply because it is a popular content, but the content writer should be really interested in appearance And health and sports content Fitness, and it will come here interesting companies wishing to advertise through content.

The value is more important than the number, and the quality is more important than the quantity. This rule also applies to many things in our lives. It also applies in the world of marketing through social media, who cares about who owns thousands of followers and does not represent any value. And advertisers exploit it. In this case, an effective follower is much more important than thousands of passive observers.

This is where the value of your content comes from. This value alone can drive your followers to interact with you and influence you and your opinions. This is what advertisers want.

Instead of publishing promotional content for the product or service you want to publish to your followers, write content that has a review of that product / service, add special value to the content that increases its impact and allows more interaction, and benefit the advertiser and account holder as well.

Affiliate Selling is one of the most important ways to make a profit even with the least reasonable number of followers. This means signing up with any major selling site to add a link to a specific product on your page, account or personal site, and with any visitors to that account or By clicking on this link and completing the purchase, the account holder will receive a predetermined commission rate according to the site owner’s rules. Sites like Amazon, ClickBank and CJ Affiliate are among the most important sites offering great and profitable programs for sale in this way.

In order to make the most of this method, you must take into consideration the above points of value, certainly better than the publication of a link absolutely prefer to include the link within the article explains or review the item, or recommend using it based on a genuine review.

In addition to the previous key points can be made use of several other means such as: selling pictures, selling personal products, or old property, and other ideas already implemented or have been invented by a reader of this article.

Hence, let your imagination and creativity leave your dear reader … Add to us other ideas that others can use to make use of, and material gains from social media.

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