Hide the notch of your Android with these ingenious wallpapers

Hide the notch of your Android with these ingenious wallpapers

The notch has no middle ground,. The happy notch we inherited from the iPhone X is, as, a patch to get better screen ratio until we get FullScreen devices, so, until that moment arrives, we will have to learn to live with him , we like it more or we like it less. The firms are aware that the average user does not feel too much attraction for the notch , so they allow to hide it via software reducing, yes, the size of the useful screen (basically they add a black strip of the thickness of the notch up to hide it).

In this way, everything that appears on the sides of the notch, such as the clock, coverage, notifications, etc., is lowered and steals a fragment from the screen that many users do not like it. If you do not like the notch, but do not want to hide it via software to avoid losing part of the panel, you have an alternative solution: wallpaper with black gradient . That way, if you are using Photoshop, you can have the wallpaper you want and modify it to hide the notch by adding a bit of black above and a small transition down.

If you do not know how to use this Adobe tool, we leave you just below these lines a collection of three wallpapers that you can use on your Android device. They are designed for the iPhone X, although they are valid for any iPhone, which means that they are valid for any Android terminal, be it 16: 9 or 18: 9 . In a few words, they will be luxurious on your mobile. Obviously, the notch will dissimulate better if you have a AMOLED panel , although it should not be noticed too much in an IPS panel.

The images above are a preview. You can download them in high definition from

The background, when out of focus, will highlight the icons and give a more chic touch to your terminal.

If you do not like any of these minimalist backgrounds, just look for a black wallpaper . This way you will be able to hide the notch without sacrificing the top part of the screen. This is a simple trick for all people who do not want to eat their heads with the notch, although, if you do not like it, you can stop by our section fromto find more images and icons with which to configure your mobile to your liking. Surely you find something that you like and it suits you!


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