Here is the sample that the Jailbreak on an iPhone X with iOS 12 is possible


Since the first Beta versions of iOS 12 were released , the Network has echoed several demonstrations in which it is possible to see how the iOS 12 Jailbreak was possible. Now, with the final version already displayed, a video appears in which returns to make clear that the release of the latest version of iOS is possible. What’s more, the video shows the process to perform the Jailbreak on an iPhone X with iOS 12 . Yes, Jailbreak Untethered .

Since Electra confirmed the Jailbreak on iOS 11.3.1 , it has reigned a situation of some tense calm. And is that the staging of iOS 12 , a version on which security experts such as Ian Beer indicate that there are many security patches not detailed by Apple, can be a deadbolt for hacking tools indefinitely.

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Jailbreak on an iPhone X with iOS 12

However, demonstrations such as those in the following video allow some room to think that the Jailbreak in iOS 12 is not only possible, but rather it is a reality.

This has been made clear by the company Ali Secutity , which has shown on video how, through an app developed by it, it is possible to perform Jailbreak Untethered on the iPhone X.

However, we do not have to anticipate events since we have already seen similar demonstrations in the past. Although this time it is the final version of iOS 12 , we must bear in mind that the company that has broadcast the video does not have to be interested in publicly sharing the tool created for that purpose.

They achieve the Jailbreak in iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 through Safari, with the “JailbreakMe” method

Jailbreak on iOS 12 with Electra?

In fact, it is possible that Ali Security provides the necessary information to Apple so that it can implement a security patch that manages to block the bug that the app is fed into iOS 12.1 . Here is the sample that the Jailbreak on an iPhone X with iOS 12 is possible

On the other hand, the war is not lost. The rest of the developers involved with the Jailbreak have already shown several signs of commitment to the cause. Without going any further, the latest information offered by one of the members of the Electra development team advanced that the Jailbreak on the signed version of IOS 12 fell into their plans.

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