Helix Jump, the free game that everyone talks about

Helix Jump, the free game that everyone talks about

All of us have ever played with our mobile. Sometimes, with heavier games, like the PUBG or Pokémon GO, and sometimes, with lighter games, like Candy Crush or 2048. Today, precisely, we come with one of simple, light and also entertaining .

It is, without further delay, Helix Jump, a game that has quickly climbed the highest ranking positions of most popular free games, both for Android and iOS. Your keys: successful visual effects and simple controls.

This is how Helix Jump works

Specifically, Helix Jump is a game in which you must make a ball fall through different rotating platforms . These, have certain sectors painted a different color, sectors in which the ball can not touch. With your fingers, then, you will rotate these platforms so that the ball falls, obtaining a certain reward for each one you overcome.

Bouncing on a platform can be done infinitely, as long as you do it in a valid sector. However, if you overcome a platform without bouncing once, your score will grow with extra points. Helix Jump is organized by levels. As you progress among them, your difficulty will progressively increase .

Helix Jump, the free game that everyone talks about

To date we only find this game mode, but soon they will include more modalities. It also has a “premium mode”, available for 2.99 euros and with which you can completely remove all ads from the app . These are somewhat annoying, since some occupy a part of your bottom screen and others are in the form of video (with sound included).

Helix Jump

Either for its successful color palette or its simple visual effects, Helix Jump is addictive and ideal for entertaining during the dead . You can find it completely free in the Google Play Store, and to install it, you only need 100 MB available.

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