Halloween at Fortnite: new event Nightmare, weapons and skins


Finally we know everything that Fortnitemares , the advanced Fortnite Halloween event , will offer to the players of the title of Epic Games for consoles, iOS and Android. The event begins today with a new game called Nightmare before the storm that will force us to face hundreds of monsters.

As usual during this type of events, the new fortnite game mode is accompanied by other novelties such as exclusive weapons and skins and other improvements to the playground mode.

Nightmare before the storm

This new limited-time Fortnite event is a kind of horde mode, as you must eliminate different types of monsters that emerge from the pieces of the famous cube that has been moving around the island for some time. The fragments of the cube are located near the corrupt zones of the island but new fragments are added that will appear randomly by the game.

During the Fortnite Halloween game, killing one of these monsters results in a small amount of shield. In addition, the gameplay Nightmare before the storm will make use of the new Fortnite weapon : the demon-hunting crossbow capable of doing 40 points of basic damage, making 1.8 shots per second and a multiplier x4 of damage against demons. It can be found on floor boots, chests and vending machines.

Nightmare Challenges Before the Storm

The new Fortnite game mode on Halloween has its own challenges. If you want to fulfill them all before the end of this “holiday” you will have to

  • Destroy monsters from the cube
  • Inflict damage on cube monsters with assault rifles or pistols
  • Visit a corrupt zone in different items
  • Dance in front of different gargoyles

These challenges will change every day, but if you meet them all you will get the delta wing in the form of a dark locomotive

Halloween at Fortnite: new event Nightmare, weapons and skins

Improvements, weapons, skins …

Regarding the new weapons, aesthetically the rocket launcher no longer launches missiles, but pumpkins. In addition to the demon-hunting crossbow, you can now use a six-round revolver. Available in uncommon, rare and epic variants, it has 34/36/38 basic damage statistics and firing without a view increases the firing rate, one of the you can take advantage of during the Halloween event.

Halloween at Fortnite: new event Nightmare, weapons and skins

How could it be otherwise, the Fortnite Halloween event is accompanied by new skins related to the night of the dead. In addition, iOS and Android applications are enhanced with the customized HUD to toggle button visibility between combat / build modes and performance improvement for mobile devices with less than 6GB.

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