Granny, the horror game that is playing on Google Play (and rightly so)

Granny, the horror game that is playing on Google Play (and rightly so)

It was the year 2013. YouTube, before a fashion started by PewDiePie and popularized in Spain by ElRubius, was filled with people playing Slender . If anyone lives under a stone and does not know this game, in Slender you had to go around a stage collecting notes or stuffed animals, avoiding at all costs that Slenderman, a character born in the deepest trenches of the Internet, caught you and killed you. Scary games like Slender were very many, although the creepy pasta of this peculiar killer made the game that bore his name became very popular.

It lasted a few months, and fashion died. That is why we find it curious that a game like the one we are dealing with today arises so strongly: Granny Said video game, which you can download totally free on Android, inherits the same mechanics as the famous Slender, with the difference that now you are chased by a Grandmother with a baseball bat that will not last to burst your head if he catches you trying to escape from his house.

You have five days to get it, for which you must solve some riddles . The game, with its mechanics, its music and its dark interface, keeps you in tension all the time. Despite my reluctance to play this type of games -here you see me, I am scare-easy, I’ve been testing it in all modes (it has four: easy, medium, difficult and extreme) and I must say that nor easy mode is easy. It is a challenge in every rule, it is difficult to survive and I have stuck more than one boat of the chair to write this article. The reason? Grandma appears without warning hitting a squeak that leaves you with the creeps.

Throughout the game you will have to hide, collect objects and drop them in certain places. But be careful, do not let them go anywhere, as they will make noise and help Granny find you and kill you. The first few minutes are fun, but when you start to wander around the house because you do not know how to continue, things get complicated and your hands start to sweat . I recommend that you do like me and play it at night and with headphones. I do not take responsibility for your neighbors to call your attention because of the screams you hit. You can download it from here below.

The game contains ads, but can be deleted for 0.89 euros .

Download Granny on Google Play


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