GPU Turbo Boost, the tweak that increases the graphic performance of your Android smartphone


Honor recently launched its tool Turbo GPU to enhance the graphic performance of their smartphones. The response of the developers has not been slow to arrive since we already have available GPU Turbo Boost , a module for Magisk what promises accelerate the GPU of your Android smartphone even in a 75% optimizing in turn the autonomy .

With the presentation of Honor Play , Huawei and Honor presented at the same time Turbo GPU . A software capable of squeeze the GPU with the purpose of increase performance up to 60% graphic , all this reducing battery consumption by up to 30%. A tool that will gradually reach the most significant smartphones of both firms. However, the developers integrated into the Scene Android have already developed an alternative to move the GPU Turbo concept to models of other brands. We talk about GPU Turbo Boost , a Magisk tweak which promises even better figures.

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More graphic performance on your Android smartphone

As the developer explains, GPU Turbo Boost It keeps similarities at the technical level with the tool of Honor and Huawei, although it also indicates that the tweak has been designed and optimized by himself. Be that as it may, the developer promises increase the performance of the GPU of any Android smartphone by up to 75% . Not satisfied with this, he also talks about a optimization of energy expenditure of 25%. GPU Turbo Boost, the tweak that increases the graphic performance of your Android smartphone

Those who have already tried GPU Turbo Boost talk about noticing a greater fluidity in games , as well as user experience at the system level. With regard to the battery, a large majority agrees that the energy consumption is slightly lower or, in the worst case, does not differ with respect to the values ​​obtained with the unmodified smartphone.

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Installation of GPU Turbo Boost with Magisk

Yes, GPU Turbo Boost is a module for Magisk, so if you are interested you have to keep in mind that it is required root , alternative recovery and at least the Magisk version 15.0 . In the same way,

Once the technical requirements are clarified, the installation of GPU Turbo Boost does not require more attention than any other module. For this purpose, we download the aforementioned module, whose link we can find in the thread created by the developer in XDA Developers.

We run Magisk, access the side menu on the left and access the modules section. In this section we click on the icon that appears in the lower part of the screen and we select the previously downloaded Turbo Boost GPU module to be installed in the system.

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