Google's file browser is updated with new name and interface

Google's file browser is updated with new name and interface

For quite some time now, Google has uploaded its own file browser and optimizer to the Play Store. Files GO is your alternative to traditional explorers , powered by an artificial intelligence that analyzes our phone to save maximum space. In line with what it has been doing in recent weeks, Google has renewed this application with Google Material Design , the second version of its new design standard.

Next to the Phone, Calculator, Chrome and other apps , Google updates Files with the new design , and removes the “GO” from its name. A little twist for this application that has accumulated more than 50 million downloads.

Files, the new Google file browser

Google's file browser is updated with new name and interface

The new beta version of Files, Google’s file browser, lets you see its new name and interface . With a weight less than 10 megabytes, it is still a light application, and is that there are hardly any add-ons, everything happens to adapt the app to Google Material Design. As in all new apps, we find the new rounded search bar, where we can find any type of document. The app will suggest categories like audios, images, videos, large files

One of the main functions of Files is to save internal storage in our Android mobile , so the suggestions to delete data by categories are still equally important. We found in the lower bar a new option to make clean , in which with the new interface of rounded cards we can eliminate gigas of selected data automatically in several applications.

The Explore menu also becomes more visual, in line with the aforementioned. A big change for a great little application that will help to have our phone more organized , and that adds to the list of Google apps that have already been updated to the new design.

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