Google will withdraw "Gmail without connection", but news will arrive

Google will withdraw "Gmail without connection", but news will arrive

One of the best aspects of Google applications is the synchronization that exists between them . Even today I still find it impressive to find events that I have not created in my calendar, appointments that have been added automatically thanks to emails that I received in my Gmail tray.

The big G has a nice variety of applications that can be very helpful if used together. The nexus of union? Our Gmail account, which will be the key to access a multitude of possibilities. On the other hand, Google mail is undergoing changes in recent days and today we have learned that the Mountain View company will withdraw one of its services .

We will say goodbye to “Gmail without connection”

Just yesterday we learned that%22Gmail” without connection will> disappear from next December 3 .

Until now you could download this tool to your computer and manage your mail trays without needing an internet connection, you will not be able to do so. However, this change occurs for a good reason, and that is that Gmail has this possibility for some time . As we have said, the American company wants to focus its efforts on a single application.

This native capability is easier to use and performs better than the Gmail Offline Chrome app, so we’re removing it from the Chrome Web Store after December 3rd, 2018. This is part of our ongoing effort to move Chrome apps to the web.

Those responsible record their efforts to move all services and tools to a single place . In the end all this will translate into a benefit for us, the users, since we will not have to move too much to access a lot of options.

The case of Inbox is different, since the mail manager is very useful. We hope that the new features that will arrive at Gmail can make up for their absence , which will be effective as of March 2019.

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