Google will require manufacturers of Android smartphones security updates for 2 years


On the occasion of the new rates that Google will impose on the Play Store in Europe, now comes to light a new contract that the multinational wants to impose on the manufacturers of Android smartphones . An agreement whereby the search engine intends that every smartphone with its software platform has a minimum of monthly security patches and that it should be extended during the first two years of the terminal’s life.

Fragmentation is one of the biggest problems of Android. However, there is something that can be more harmful and is the absence of security updates, those that guarantee the user that their data is not exposed to security failures in the system. A problem that the big G wants to face by requiring its partners the manufacturers a certain number of updates with security patches.

Manufacturers of Android smartphones will have to pay Google for using their apps

Security updates for two years

As they open from The Verge , access to a new contract from Google has allowed them to discover that the Internet giant is preparing new measures to ensure a minimum security on phones that include Android. Google will require manufacturers of Android smartphones security updates for 2 years

Although the available information leaves some gaps and doubts to answer, initially this contract would require manufacturers to launch at least four security patches during the first year since the launch of the terminal . Similarly, the new conditions would also require the implementation of security updates during the second year, although it has not specified a specific number of OTAs necessary to comply with the requirements of Google in terms of security.

Android security patches will be required

Conditions that should be extended to the total of smartphone manufacturers as of January 31. In this way, the companies would have to include the security patches launched by Google in their models, with a maximum margin of 90 days since the official update was released.

To ensure that the new contract is complied with, Google could take into account which brands do not comply with the agreement and not approve or certify future new models of said signature.

Some Android mobile manufacturers lie with security patches

The role of Android One

In this regard, it should be remembered that Samsung and Motorola are two of the companies that appear in one of the first agreements with Google. They committed themselves to launch the same monthly security patches released by Google – for the Nexus and Pixel – adapted to their most representative models, for at least three years. Google will require manufacturers of Android smartphones security updates for 2 years

Similarly, it should be remembered that the Android One platform is another way in which Google has begun to face not only the fragmentation, but this same problem that affects the security of Android devices. And is that the Android One models receive, as a rule, security patches and new versions of Android with relative speed because it has no changes to its code.

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