Google translator uses Artificial Intelligence offline


The Google translator has just received an update of the most interesting and practical. Until now, to be able to use the NMT of Google (neural machine translation) we needed to be connected to the network, or what is the same, artificial intelligence only works through the cloud and not in our smartphones. But that will change from today, since with its latest update, the Google translator becomes even smarter and completely independent of the network.

This means that we do not need to be connected to the network to get high quality translations, something that can be very useful when we travel to some place where we do not have data connection.

According to Google, his neuronal translation system translates the sentences completely and taking into account the context, instead of word by word, as well as trying to carry out a translation that sounds as human as possible, to make it easier to read.

Up to 58 languages ​​in the Google translator

Google is aware that the storage of many smartphones is limited, and that is why each language pack has a weight between 35 and 45 MB, so having several languages ​​available will not be something that affects too much the storage of our smartphone .

Google translator uses Artificial Intelligence offline

Google Translate is available for both Android as for iOS , and includes a total of 58 languages among which are the main European and Indian languages, in addition to Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

The truth is that this move by Google is not unexpected when we consider that last April, Microsoft has already updated its translation application to also include the possibility of having translation based on artificial intelligence without connection.

Google translator uses Artificial Intelligence offline

According to Google, this new function of offline translation based on artificial intelligence will be carried out at the server level and will be available only on 1% of the devices from today, but from tomorrow on June 13 it should be available for 99% of users and next June, 15 it will affect all devices that have the application; so we will not have to wait long to have this new feature of Google Translate.

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