Google releases several patches to solve the problems of Google Pixel 3


Usually it is something habitual. Each time a new Google mobile lands in the market, soon after its buyers begin to fill the support forums of the company with messages warning of problems or failures that prevent normal use of phones. The problems of Google Pixel 3 did not take too long to arrive and Google is launching a good number of patches to try to solve them as soon as possible.

The brand has been solving some problems with eyedroppers, such as camera failure, which, as happened with the old Nexus, Google Pixel 3 XL . Numerous users have also experienced problems with the phone’s audio, since there is a large difference in volume between the front speakers that are housed in the top and bottom of the phone, generating an unbalanced audio output.

Google releases several patches to solve the problems of Google Pixel 3

Shortly after these problems appeared Pixel 3, came the most recent. An alleged failure that causes .

Fortunately, Google is aware of all the problems of Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL . In this way, the brand has just released a series of patches that fix problems with the camera of mobile phones and, above all, with the memory management of the phones to increase and improve the phone’s performance.

Patches for Google Pixel

comenzarán a recibir varias actualizaciones de seguridad y de sistema partir del lunes, incluyendo uno que promete mejorar el rendimiento de la memoria en ciertas circunstancias. The owners of and , as well as those who have another model of the company, will begin to receive several security and system updates from Monday, including one that promises to improve memory performance in certain circumstances. Obviously these “circumstances” are those such as multitasking that have a performance below what was expected in a mobile of the size of Pixel 3.

But it is not the only patch that will reach the top of Google range to solve their problems, as it also warns of an update to improve the performance of the camera, both for devices this year, for devices from last year. These are all the announced patches that will start coming to mobile phones from next week.

Google releases several patches to solve the problems of Google Pixel 3

It is expected that the phones show the relevant update message in the next few hours, but if you do not miss the warning you can always manually force the installation of the patches for the Google Pixel 3 by accessing Configuration, System, Advanced, and select Update system.

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