Google promotes the Pixel 3 with the most famous chef in the world

Google promotes the Pixel 3 with the most famous chef in the world

. If one day ago Eminem , one of the best known rappers around the globe, , now the company continues to show the quality of the terminal camera with a video starring the most famous chef in the world .

Gordon Ramsay , who in his entire gastronomic career has been decorated with 16 Michelin stars and who has participated in numerous television programs, such as Nightmare in the Kitchen , has posted a video

Although in the video the chef addresses the phone as the Pixel 3, in reality at a moment of the short film the famous chef opens the phone box, where you can read that it is the XL model . In this promotional action Ramsay explains that more and more customers are taking pictures of dishes when they go to a restaurant to post them on their social networks, turning them into critics too. Even the cooks themselves take photographs of the ingredients.

Gordon Ramsay promotes the new Pixel 3

However, the new Google phone also improves the kitchen experience thanks to tools such as Google Lens , which is now fully integrated into the terminal’s camera. Gordon Ramsay shows the features of the Google service by testing it in different parts of the video.

The famous chef also goes to the Olmsted restaurant to demonstrate the quality of the Pixel 3 XL camera by making several images of the place and some dishes of food. In addition, it also shows the capacity of the terminal to make a group selfie where each and every one of the restaurant’s chefs can fit.

A new Google promotional action starring a famous person around the world to prove again that, in terms of the quality level of the images taken with the camera of the terminal, the company continues to reign .

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