Google polls the Play Pass service: flat rate for payment and videogame applications?


The entire Android ecosystem revolves around Google Play, although the company has been gradually diversifying its payment services with platforms such as Google Music, Play Movies or recently YouTube TV, among others. In this framework, the big G could well propose a new service that could be called Play Pass. We went on to tell you all the details that have transpired.

Alphabet yesterday showed its last quarterly economic results, with revenues 21% higher than the same period last year. However, the technology firm is looking for new forms of income, alternatives to searches and advertisements. Because of its size, the Play Store is the perfect showcase, but the business model is at a disadvantage compared to the other great alternative, the Apple App Store. And is that the applications for iOS are more lucrative for both the firm and developers. Will Play Pass be a new way to monetize Google Play applications and games?

Google Play Store will allow download demos of paid games and upcoming releases

New references to Play Pass

As they put in evidence in XDA , Google could be interested in launching a new service associated with Google Play. This has been associated with the name Play Pass for months. However, the difference compared to previous references focuses on the apparent appearance of the name of the alleged service in a Google Opinion Rewards survey.

In it a question appears in which a service called Pass is proposed with which the user could access applications and games of payment for a monthly fee.

Manufacturers of Android smartphones will have to pay Google for using their apps

That is precisely what the so-called Play Pass could become soon. A monthly subscription system through which a user could unlimited access to a catalog of applications and games that are usually paid in the Play Store.

At the moment, there are no more details about this supposed service, but there are grounds to believe that it could be carried out. And it is that the big G needs incentives so that its application store generates more income, given the results obtained by its biggest opponent in the sector.

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