Google Play refunds may be partial in integrated purchases


Google has just expanded the possibilities of agreement between the developers of applications and disgruntled users. Until recently, when we wanted to get a refund of a purchase done within an application or some service of subscription , since Google only allowed to return all the money or not to make the refund, but there were no intermediate points. Now Google allows partial Google Play refunds , and therefore the developers will be able to establish in their purchase policy what their position is in this regard.

This change in Google’s policy is quite interesting because, as it is presumable to think, when the creator of an application only has the possibility of returning all the money from a purchase made within it, it is most likely that he denies the return and therefore that dissatisfied user has no choice but to resign himself to losing his money. Now the percentage of possibilities to reach an agreement are much higher.

Partial Google Play returns for integrated purchases and subscriptions, not apps

It is important to emphasize that Google has only enabled partial reimbursements for purchases carried out within an application (for example, the typical micro-payments in games), but not for the applications themselves, which will follow the usual system to date.

Google Play refunds may be partial in integrated purchases

Therefore, we still have a two hour period to get the money back from a payment application bought by mistake, something that Google automatically handles and that entails a full refund of our money, with the possibility of obtaining the return within a period of 48 hours if we do it from the web version of Google Play, although here is no longer guaranteed a 100% refund.

Along with the purchases integrated in the Google application also enables partial returns in Google Beach the payment subscriptions , a section where the possibility of a user being dissatisfied may be greater if we take into account that the service for which it is paid is developed over an extended period of time, which may give the possibility that the user is not satisfied with the service who voluntarily subscribed, but who has not fulfilled their expectations.

Google Play refunds may be partial in integrated purchases

Therefore, partial returns of Google Play allow us to know before the purchase what percentage or amount of money we can recover, opening a wider range of possibilities between developer and buyer to reach an agreement.

This on the one hand gives the developer the possibility of losing only a part of the money, but also allows the buyer to at least make sure the recovery of part of the money spent. That yes, everything will depend on the good faith of the developer of the application, since Google never forces developers to collect this type of returns in their purchase conditions.

Google Play refunds may be partial in integrated purchases

And finally, we must bear in mind that partial returns of Google Play will only be possible for purchases and subscriptions made from March 2018 and that not all payment methods are allowed. Neither will be possible when it comes to services subscribed directly with Google.

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