Google Play Games will launch a new news section


As much as in spite of traditional players, it can not be denied that the business of games for smartphones is something that is on the rise, and it does not seem that this trend has any signs of disappearing, not at least in the short term. Google is aware of this, and now everything points to the fact that soon they plan to implement a new section in the application Google Play Games , a new news feed in which users of the platform would be aware of various types of news related to titles for Android.

Apparently, this news feed would have as its main objective to give a boost to Google Play Games, an app that being honest, is not that it has behind it a too large community of users, while it would also promote the download of applications , being those of payment those that interest Google the most, as it is logical, since Google could see his income increased in this way.

A somewhat limited news feed for Google Play Games

According to XDA tell us, the new news section of Google Play Games would inform users of all the news regarding titles that already have installed , but it would also include all the new information about games that are becoming trend or that belong to sagas of certain renown and therefore may be of interest to the user.

Google Play Games will launch a new news section

For now, this new feed would offer somewhat limited benefits, since it does not allow that the user can customize the news that is appearing, selecting the titles that are of interest and hiding or discarding those related to certain games or topics that are not to your liking.

This new function seems to be currently in the testing phase, since some users have been able to enjoy it in the version 5.10.6082 of Google Play Games, but not all those who have this version have it available, so everything points to an update to server level and that, therefore, it is more than possible that it will soon be extended to several versions of the same globally.

Google Play Games will launch a new news section

For now it is early to predict if Google will succeed with this new section as Instagram IGTV or if on the other hand, the current market and the feeds destined to the community of Android players is already too covered by other platforms such as Twitch or the same YouTube Gaming

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