Google Photos will allow you to adjust the blur effect -bokeh- in your photos


A new version of Google Photos , version 3.23, and with it the possibility of knowing future characteristics . And it is that the lines of code of the app hide previous information that, in this case, refers to the capacity to Adjust the blur effect or Bokeh effect of our photos. It is not the only novelty, there are more changes on the way that we have detailed.

Like Google Maps , the Google Photos app was one of the protagonists of the event organized for developers last May, the Google I / O 2018. In this event we had the opportunity to know the future plans of the company, as well as the features that are come to the most popular services of the big G, as is the case with Google Photos . However, today we have news that we had not previously known.

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The technique of dissecting the lines of code of the Google apps has allowed us to know beforehand a good number of novelties, before being even announced. Today is a day of those given that 9to5Google lets us see what changes the Internet giant is preparing precisely discovered in the code of the latest version of Google Photos, version 3.23. Google Photos will allow you to adjust the blur effect -bokeh- in your photos

Although there are no in-depth details about this new function, the APK indicates that Google Photos it will soon include a new setting for set the intensity of the blur in images taken with the Bokeh effect or the portrait mode . However, we still have no assurance that this change can also be applied to photos that previously had not been taken with blurring effect.

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Reduce the quality of photos in the cloud

Another reference about the future news of Google Photos is the one that indicates that the app will have an option that allows the user reduce the quality of photos stored in Google Photos . In this way, the user could avoid having to pay for more storage capacity in the cloud of the company. Google Photos will allow you to adjust the blur effect -bokeh- in your photos

This option will be especially interesting for those who in their day opted for make a Backup your photos in Google Photos in original quality . We must remember that Google Photos has unlimited storage as long as the user opts for the Google compression system, which reduces the quality of the images with its own codec. The alternative, if we want maintain the original quality of the photo , is to upload it as is, but with the handicap that the files occupy their own weight in the servers of the firm. Once you have reached the stipulated storage, you will not be able to upload more photos and videos.

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Therefore, this new option will automatically reduce the quality of the original photos, keep them on Google Photos servers, and at the same time free up space for other files.

As we have said in previous publications of this nature, these discoveries are an advance of the novelties that Google prepares for the future. However, it is not possible to predict when they will be launched, although there are no absolute guarantees that they will finally materialize.

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