Google Pay: you can now use your Bankia, BancaMarch and Banco Mediolanum cards


For a long time Google Pay did not update compatibility with more banks, but finally Bankia , one of the largest credit institutions in our country, is 100% compatible with Google’s mobile payment system. And they also join BancaMarch and Banco Mediolanum , as announced by the website.

The combination of Android Pay and Google Wallet gave, at the beginning of the year, its first steps in our country with the arrival of Google Pay officially, the alternative to Apple Pay on Android that allows us to pay for our purchases, physically and online , with our mobile phone. Now, in addition to using its specific applications, we can add 3 more banks to the catalog of the Android application.

Bankia arrives at Google Pay

Three are the new banking entities that now allow you to add your cards to Google Pay to make your mobile payments. In addition to BancaMarcch and Banco Mediolanum, the great news is that Bankia is finally compatible with Google’s payment system, allowing its millions of customers to store their means of payment on their mobile phones so that they do not have to carry the cards on top of them. Of course, as with other banks, not all cards can be compatible with Google Pay, so you should check the information on each bank in the application itself.

If you are not allowed to add a card, it is probably because, at the moment, it is not compatible with the Google mobile payment system that now works with 11 banks in Spain. To add Bankia , Banco Mediolanum or BancaMarch cards, simply download and install the app on your smartphone and click on the option to add a card. Take a photo of it through the interface that appears on the screen and the application itself will be responsible for recognizing the card number . All you have to do is confirm the security code on the back.

Google Pay: you can now use your Bankia, BancaMarch and Banco Mediolanum cards

With the arrival of these new banks, you can now use Google Pay, in addition to Bankia , BancaMarch and Banco Mediolanum , with BBVA, OpenBank, N26, Revolut and American Express. The mobile payment application also allows you to add non-bank service cards such as Sodexo, the Correos card or your Ticket Restaurant.

For the moment we are still waiting for the arrival of other banks such as Santander or La Caixa.

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