Google One replaces Google Drive with more storage capacity in the cloud


The Internet giant has just made official Google One , the new project of the company for update Google Drive , his cloud storage service . The change will lead to the arrival of new offers and prices to adapt to the demands of the users, although other types of improvements will also be included that we will detail below.

If you are one of those who trust all your files to the Google cloud , soon you will have improvements in the service. Improvements that come with name change included in the form of Google One , but that can be the beginning to an update and even synergy of more services of Google , as the boys of TechCrunch . For now, the announcement reveals new Google Drive pricing plans , that by the end of the year will be reconverted into the already announced Google One.

Google One: more capacity in the cloud

Through a n press ote , Google has exposed how the improvements applied in the camera of smartphones and the proliferation of video in 4K has encouraged the use of a greater volume of gigas in its cloud storage service. A trend to which the big G will respond with new price plans for Google One, the Google Drive substitute . Google One replaces Google Drive with more storage capacity in the cloud

The first change comes with the introduction of a new offer of 200 GB in the cloud for 2.99 dollars , although the option of 100 GB will be maintained. Also, the 1 TB modality is replaced by the one of 2 TB , although the company will maintain the price, so it will cost 9.99 dollars -euros- per month. The rest of the higher capacity options will remain in the current 10, 20 and 30 TB, as well as their prices.

With regard to the 15 GB free mode , there will be no variations and users with a Google account You can continue to use this service without any monetary cost.

Value-added services included

He Step from Google Drive to Google One It brings with it the introduction of changes that will benefit the user. As is the case with customer service by mail, chat and phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A service that stops being exclusive of business customers. Google One replaces Google Drive with more storage capacity in the cloud

Shared account with family

Another innovation that comes with Google One will be the ability to unify the cloud storage service invoice in the family unit. And is that the big G will allow share an account with five users , very much in the style of what happens with other services such as Google Play Music . Those five accounts will have absolute independence, with their specific storage space. At the moment, it is unknown if this plan will have commercial advantages such as discounts in the line of those applied in the service of streaming music . What will become a reality is the launch of an app that will be used to manage the different Google One plans.

No specific date of arrival in Europe

The announcement of Google has left several unknowns since there are no specific details about it. And is that the company will begin the migration to Google One in a few months, although initially only for the US market. Subsequently, it will proceed with its global expansion , although as we indicated, there are no pre-established dates. However, it will be a matter of time before the technology expands the storage options in its previous Google Drive, something that will have a direct impact on the capacity of services such as Google Photos or the email service itself, Gmail .

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