Google Maps launches new section of photos in the tab Explora

Google Maps launches new section of photos in the tab Explora

Recently renewed to release , with which it would be easier to find parking in our destinations. Now, according to

While at the moment the option does not seem to be available to everyone , it is likely that we will see an official announcement from Google in the next few hours or days. Predictably, those who are adhered to the beta program of Google Maps, will be the first to be able to test this feature, although it is not confirmed.

Its operation, as shown in the screenshots, consists of a gallery of images that users can access to see the latest photographs of specific places , extracted directly from the publications of other members of the community. When clicking on each image, the specific point of the map where it was taken will be shown. There is also a floating button on the bottom, from which we can upload our own images, and it is possible to choose if we want to see the latest photos, the best ones, or the ones uploaded by us.

Undoubtedly it is a most convenient function when viewing places before visiting them, or to see what photographs have been published by those close to us.

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