Google Maps is updated and launches new design


One of the novelties of the past Google I / O 2018 was the presentation of Google Material Theme, the new design language of Google that comes to replace the already veteran Material Design presented in 2015. Since then Google has been adapting some of its apps with this new aesthetic, and now it is Google Maps the one that receives his ration of Material Theme.

This new update supposes a quite big redesign of the application available for both Android as for iOS , with changes both aesthetically and functionally. Let’s see what we are going to find.

This is the new Google Maps with Material Theme

Google Maps has begun to receive a good facelift that involves adopting a new search bar and changes both in the user interface and in the various lists and menus of the application.

One of the main novelties is the appearance of a new lower task bar that allows us to access different sections, while the Explore tab it is also updated to collect new categories, which will be adapted automatically according to the user’s habits.

TO aesthetic level there are also many changes, like a greater role of the images s, with menus that now show large photographs of each of the places consulted. The use of typography is also adopted Google Sans , cards with more rounded corners with hardly any background, colorful buttons and predominance of white backgrounds.

For now it does not seem that the function is going to make an appearance “For you” that Google announced the last I / O 2018, although it is possible that it will arrive with future Google Maps updates, since this is only a first step by Google in the implementation of its Material Theme, which will gradually be phased out making it more visible throughout its entire ecosystem.

The update of Google Maps to Material Theme is not linked to any specific version of the application, since it is being carried out at the server level and will be appearing on users’ devices gradually, so it is possible that many of you still do not have it available.

We have not yet been able to prove it, but if any of you have already had the chance to take a look, tell us your impressions in the comments or in the Movilzona Forum , we will be happy to read you.

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