Google Maps completes your route proposing parking spaces close to your destination


If we had to analyze the benefits of Google Maps point by point, we would probably dedicate pages and pages to that end. And is that the Google maps app continuously extends its spectrum of functionalities on a regular basis. The last to be detected, at least in tests, has been the ability of Google Maps to improvise and propose during the journey a stop at the parking lot closest to your destination .

It is difficult to resist the benefits of Google Maps when it comes to scheduling a getaway or trip. The mobile app has become the GPS navigator par excellence, not only for its effectiveness in such a facet, but for the additions with which it complements it. And with the services of Google Maps we have access to many features related to traffic, but also with everything related to the area to which we are going to move.

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Suggestions about the nearest parking on route

At this point, finding parking can be one of the first-order needs when visiting a new city or urban center, in any case unknown to the user. Well, as revealed from Android Police, some of the regulars of Google Maps GPS navigation have detected how the application has suggested adding a stop in the final stretch of the route to park the vehicle in a parking lot. Google Maps completes your route proposing parking spaces close to your destination

The truth is that it is an addition that can be vital for many. And, in this way, we only have to worry about driving to the destination initially set, since Google Maps automatically proposes, with a notification, the possibility of going to the nearest parking lot. This function -we suppose- is intimately linked to the ability of Google Maps to detect how difficult it can be to park in the area or city that we are going to move during the final part of the route or route. In any case, we have the opportunity to ignore the notification and not confirm the parking stop closest to your destination .

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As we have already indicated, there is no news about Google. And it is that this is not a function officially announced by the signature of the search engine. However, as has happened on previous occasions, everything seems to indicate that it could be random tests that appear to certain users.

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