Google Lens integrates in Google searches from the mobile


There is no doubt that Google has high hopes for Google Lens , the technology presented months ago that allows us to use the mobile camera to identify what we are seeing and offer extra information. After and to associate it with your personal assistant, now Google Lens is integrated into Google searches from your mobile.

Starting today, when you see something in any image obtained as a result of a Google Images search , if you want more information, such as a reference point in a travel photo or a sofa that adorns any room, you can use the tool of Google Lens image recognition to explore everything we can see inside a photograph . identifica todos los objetos que existen dentro de una imagen y muestra otras similares. Its operation is very similar to that of the tool in other applications such as Google Assistant or Google Photos, because Lens identifies all the objects that exist within an image and shows similar ones.

How does it work?

The operation is very simple. When you press the Lens button on Google Images , points will appear on the objects on which you can obtain more information, as we can see in the following GIF. Each point relates the object of the photograph with other related images. For example, if we see the image of a room, Google Lens can offer information on where to buy the desk, the chair, a table, etc …

Google Lens integrates in Google searches from the mobile

According to the Internet giant, at the beginning, these points will appear mainly in products and objects identified to help with online purchases, but will also begin to appear in shots of landmarks, animals and plants in the coming months. not only will be offered shopping results, but also extra information about what we see through the search engine.

One of the most interesting possibilities offered by Google Lens from the mobile browser is to use your finger to draw a circle around any part of an image that interests us to find information related to the highlighted. The functionality is activated today in the United States to perform searches in English, but the company already warns that it is working to bring Google Lens to Google search results on the mobile to more countries, so even before the end of the Month could be a reality in Spain.

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