Google Lens comes to iPhone and iPad


Google Lens is beginning to expand quickly in recent weeks. A few days ago we pointed out that the company’s function to recognize what is focused with the camera came to Google Photos in order to serve as a tool to a greater number of smartphones and now, thanks to it, Google Lens comes to iPhone and iPad .

This week it was the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other members of the range who they received Google Lens through Google Assistant to offer mobile users a new way to use their phone camera. In this way they could enjoy the same privileges as those with a Google Pixel 2 XL in his power.

Now the borders of Google Lens they expand, because at this moment the function reaches iOS devices like the iPhone or the iPad.

Google Lens on iOS

Again the possibility of using Google Lens on iPhone and iPad comes from the hand of Google Photos, as announced by the company on Twitter just a few hours ago. Google announced that from today and during the next week, iOS users will be able to preview the useful tool of Google Lens on iPhone and iPad.

Google Lens comes to iPhone and iPad

If you want to use Google Lens on your iPhone and enjoy Artificial Intelligence before Apple presents its own proposals in future Keynotes, what you have to do is to have installed the latest version of Google Photos on your iPhone or on your iPad. Specifically, it is version 3.15, which is already available in the App Store since the beginning of the month. It is in this version where the Internet giant’s recognition tool will be applied.

That is why although you have updated the app to this version, you may not yet find the option to activate Google Lens on the iPhone or on the iPad. The function lands in iOS as one of those updates in the background that do not require the step by App Store for your application. It is expected that, as it is a phased release, the new implicit feature in Google Photos will reach all compatible iOS devices in the coming weeks.

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