Google Home vs. Google Home Mini, differences: which one to buy?

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini, differences: which one to buy?

With half a world waiting for his arrival, at lastYthey landed in Spain this week, just at the gates of summer and confirming that, once and for all, an more than a year to try two of Google’s star services facing the near future.

It is true that we have had patience, but the delay has only increased the desire to finally taste the, what brings together the best of YouTube and Google Play Music to compete with Spotify, as well as throwing the glove on newcomers, what they want to be the protagonists of the digital home already speaking without limitations the language of Cervantes.

However, and counting more than a year of travel in the market, most likely you have forgotten what offered by Google’s smart speakers , so for those who want to buy a Google Home and are doubting which model is better in their case, Here we bring you the comparison you expected trying to solve those doubts …

What do Google Home and Google Home Mini offer? Which one should you buy? How do they differ and which one suits my needs?

Buy Google Home or Google Home Mini, the comparison in specifications and differences

It should be noted that of the three Google Home devices available in the United States, thewill not be sold for now in our markets, so the giant Californian cuts us the range by preventing us from accessing the more prestacional model of the Google Home.

Be that as it may, and aftera couple of weeks ago, the Home and Home Mini of Google land with the credentials of two very interesting speakers by design and possibilities , that do not clash at home have the decoration you have adding all the possibilities of their integration withand with greater possibilities.

It is essentially two very similar models in terms of capabilities, but between the Google Home and the Google Home Mini there are key differences according to the use that we are going to give , so the decision this time corresponds more than ever to the user. Which one to buy, the Google Home or the Google Home Mini? Well, let’s start with the specifications of both models …

Specifications Google Home Mini Google Home
Dimensions | Weight Height 9.8 cm; Diameter 4.2 cm | 173 g Height 14.3 cm; Diameter 9.6 cm | 477 g
Controls Voice and button to mute microphone Voice, touch and button to mute microphone
Speakers 40 millimeters 50 millimeters with amplification and dual passive radiator
Microphones Two Two, far field voice recognition
Audio formats HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), Opus and FLAC HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), Opus and FLAC
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11ac Dual-Band, Google Cast and Bluetooth 4.1 LE Wi-Fi 802.11ac Dual-Band and Google Cast
Connectors MicroUSB DC connector
LEDs 4 multicolored LEDs 12 multicolored LEDs
Colors Carbon gray, chalk gray or coral fabric White with slate gray fabric
Prices 59 euros 149 euros

The same but with differences, the standard Google Home and Google Home Mini share materials and philosophy, but they differ in design and sound quality which are capable of reproducing, obviously favorable to the larger model.

In everything else, there is much equality in terms of their abilities and the built-in functions of Assistant, and in fact the cheapest model even incorporates Bluetooth to allow us the connection, for example, of wireless speakers, something that greatly expands its range of possibilities.

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini, differences: which one to buy?

Assistant is the king in Google Home, and that does not change …

Surely the best part is that we can choose one or the other, keeping most of the functions intact of any Google Home device. The interaction with the assistant is identical, although in the standard model we have tactile interaction in addition to the voice , something that was removed from the Google Home Mini due to a design flaw.

It does not matter if we finally decided to buy the Google Home or the Google Home Mini, because thanks to the intelligent assistant we can listen to music, podcasts, radio or the news just by asking , as well as set reminders or alarms, save the shopping list, get information or control our home automation devices such as light bulbs, smart plugs or Nest thermostats, among many other options.

It is likely that today Google Assistant is already the most advanced intelligent virtual assistant in the world , so your arrival at the connected home is more than welcome. Of course you’ll have to be willing to have a speaker always listening in your living room

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini, differences: which one to buy?

The differences are in the design and in the audio

At first glance it is easy to appreciate that the design of one and the other are very different , and in fact while Google Home wants to be a smart speaker with which you can listen to music with a reasonable quality, in the case of Google Home Mini is content to have just sound that allows us to interact with the device, without further fanfare.

Both choose good touch plastic materials and a mesh fabric that gives them an elegant and modern look, although the standard model of Google Home can only be acquired in that combination of gray and white fabric, leaving the colors “gray”, carbon black and coral for the “mini” model.

One is a wireless speaker more to use, with known form and a larger size that leaves room for an amplified speaker and two passive radiators . As you may expect, your answer when it comes to playing audio is much better than that of a Home Mini that looks like a pill and it only has a 40-millimeter speaker.

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini, differences: which one to buy?

The multicolored LEDs adorn both devices so we know when they are listening to us, although while in the Google Home Mini we will see 4 lights, in the standard Home 16 LEDs have been mounted in a pretty attractive diamond configuration. They are not insurmountable differences between the Google Home and the Google Home Mini in any case, but it is obvious that the larger model has more advanced possibilities and hardware.

One design issue, for example, is that The Google Home has a fully tactile top surface , with which we can activate the assistant or adjust the volume, as well as control the reproduction and some other function more. Not being the Home Max in our markets, this is an option that you will only have if you decide to buy the standard Google Home.

As for the audio, do not expect that when you buy a Google Home Mini it will serve you to enjoy music more than in specific situations, and that is that your speaker is not designed for big boasting. The largest loudspeaker and two radiators in the Google Home place you well above in terms of sound quality in reproduction, although its price almost multiplied by three that of the smallest model.

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini, differences: which one to buy?

How do you resolve the connectivity section for a home automation environment?

The standard Google Home was born to become an entertainment and home automation operations center for the digital home, and as such already offers high audio quality with its two speakers and its two radiators.

Maybe that’s why Google opted for not include Bluetooth connectivity, something that the Home Mini presumes and that is there for the simple reason that we can synchronize other higher quality wireless speakers with Google Home Mini.

Improving your reproduction of sound is key, Home Mini that has been specifically designed to interact with Assistant , but not to listen to music with great quality in its 40 mm speaker.

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini, differences: which one to buy?

What the two models do incorporate is the Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual band , as well as a button to deactivate the microphone, and both are compatible with the following digital audio formats : HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), Opus and FLAC

HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), Opus and FLAC. In this sense there are no differences between the Google Home and the Home Mini.

If the feeding of the two models is different, and is that Home Mini has a standard MicroUSB connector , while the classic model of Google Home is loaded with a proprietary jack included in the sale package.

And finally in this section, mention that both Google Home and Google Home Mini have two microphones, although the larger model has far-field voice recognition so that we can talk in virtually any situation with our smart speaker, even from afar.

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini, differences: which one to buy?

Conclusions, availability and prices

The first thing to note is that it’s about two devices very different conceptions and, therefore, with very different prices . Even so, they are the same device in essence although in one case we will have a basic speaker and in the other one capable of playing multimedia content directly.

The standard Google Home is more cumbersome, has more LEDs to see at a glance the status of the device, and has a touch control that he fell at the last minute of the Google Home Mini because of a design problem, which apparently could randomly activate the microphone without the user’s desire.

For its part, the Home Mini is smaller and bases its success is its attractive price and in Assistant, because there is no tactile control in this case and everything will be done by voice. You can change the volume by pressing on the sides, and Bluetooth will make it possible connect some wireless speakers of higher quality.

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini, differences: which one to buy?

Both are already available in Spain in the main technological chains , and although there are also differences between the Google Home and the Google Home Mini in terms of colors and prices, You can approach any large surface and buy in hand , something that will give you a little more confidence and allow you to see the devices.

The largest model, the Google Home, can be purchased in white / gray while if you want to buy the Google Home Mini you can choose between coral, carbon black or gray fabric. Their prices will also have a lot to do with the election, and that is Google Home costs 149 euros in Spain for the 59 euros of its Google Home Mini model , called from now on to become a best seller:

Buy Google Home (€ 149)

Buy Google Home Mini (€ 59)

And remember, you can read everything that interests youto not miss a single detail of the news of the Google ecosystem. And by the way, if you have something to tell us, do not hesitate to do it in the corresponding section just below …

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