Google Home and Google Home Mini: this is EVERYTHING you can do with them

Google Home and Google Home Mini: this is EVERYTHING you can do with them

Hurrying his, the Google Home and Google Home Mini they landedto continue its expansion through the Spanish-speaking markets, creating at a stroke.

Surely many still doubt among, it is reasonable doubt that we have already tried to answer in the comparative linked , although the really interesting thing now is knowing what they offer us and what can we do with a Google Home or a Google Home Mini and your app in Spanish.

By now you will know thatcarries out practically all the experience of these smart speakers , and in caseon your phone has not revealed many of its possibilities, and you are still thinking about buying a Google Home or not, let’s try shelling ALL we can do with Google Home to help you decide.

Google Home and Google Home Mini: this is EVERYTHING you can do with them

The Google Home app now works completely in Spanish, but … how do you configure it?

The domotic part of Google Assistant has taken more than a year to learn our language, although we must recognize that Google has not made us wait too long in 2018 and he brought us his two most important novelties together for this year: his new music service in streaming and indeed Google Home in Spanish , fully functional and compatible with yourof third parties.

If your first start-up is done with the smartphone configured in Spanish and the Google Home app also in our language, most likely the device will autoconfigure speaking the language of Cervantes, although just in case here you have a small tutorial on how to change the language in the Google Home app :

  1. Download the Google Home app of Play Store, open it and pair your Android phone with your smart speaker by clicking on the menu “Settings> Devices” .

  2. Once connected, we go back to the settings of the Google Home app and in the devices section we will find our loudspeaker just below the phone. We press and a new configuration menu emerges.

  3. It will be enough to select the option “Language of the assistant” and in the drop-down menu choose Spanish (Spain), Spanish (USA) or Spanish (Mexico) according to our dialect. For now, these are the three options available in our language.

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Google Home and Google Home Mini: this is EVERYTHING you can do with them

What can Google Home and Google Home Mini do in Spain?

The short answer is very simple, basically the same thing that allows us to do in our smartphone , either using or without using the commandwhat wakes the assistant hands-free only with the voice.

In fact, it is this hands-free command ‘Ok Google’ which you will use the most with Google Home , although these allow the activation with a tactile control. In the case of the Google Home Mini, with which we can only invoke Assistant with the voice after the, more still …

Turning our house into a digital home is becoming simpler and cheaper, and Google brings you closer to the future with Google Home . But let’s not stay here because we know you want to know what can be done with a smart speaker, so here they go all the functions that it supports in Spain Google Home from its first steps:

Google Home and Google Home Mini: this is EVERYTHING you can do with them

1. Meet your assistant and talk to him

The Google Home and Google Home Mini app will understand Spanish in colloquial language, and will allow us to have fluent conversations with the speaker to get to know us a little more. We can ask your name or any information about your tastes, tell him how we want him to call us , tell you what our family is called or ask directly what you can do for us.

Use your imagination and lose shame talking to your devices.

2. Unlimited entertainment, you’ll never be home alone

The Google Home, both they will allow us to play with them telling them that we are bored, or asking them directly to play with us Rock-paper-scissors or try guess what we are thinking in a kind of game who is who? .

Google Home in Spanish is also capable of sing us a song, tell a joke or tell us curious facts at our discretion, and we can even use it to roll a dice, a coin toss or give us a random number if we need it in a raffle.

It’s over being alone, we’ll have an artificial intelligence always ready to satisfy our desire for communication.

3. Resolve any doubt with your particular encyclopedia … (not illustrated)

The Internet is an endless ocean of information, and you Google Home is connected to the Internet to answer any questions that you have at any time. Obviously, it will not be able to show you images because it lacks a screen, but if you need to know something, ask it directly.

The Google Home app makes the speaker a device capable of play animal sounds , or of tell us who is the president of Cambodia in an instant. He also knows how to do mathematical operations , can you give us the information of the calories of any food or look up the meaning of a word in the dictionary.

Your speaker knows everything, squeeze your electronic brain and look for anything as if you were in front of your computer.

Google Home and Google Home Mini: this is EVERYTHING you can do with them

4. Your personal newspaper, out loud

You can also ask the Google Home “What’s on the news?” to tell you the most important thing about what happens around you, but even you can connect with your favorite newspapers to listen to their news more important.

The sporting results are among these news, and just ask the games of your favorite team for Google Home to tell you how it is going in the competition. The information about finances and the stock market It is also available just by asking the quote of a stock market value.

5. A personal secretary to not forget anything

Buying a Google Home in Spain will make you available to you a cybernetic secretary with whom to remember everything , so the excuses are over.

Tell him “Good Morning” your smart speaker will make you read to you the most relevant information of your day at a stroke, including the weather, your appointments in the calendar, the time it will take to get to your work, and a long list of totally configurable …

In addition, you can ask directly if it is going to rain at our destination in case of a trip, or to remind you at 11 that important meeting.

Google Home and Google Home Mini: this is EVERYTHING you can do with them

6. Manage your schedule and your time has never been so simple, and even teaches you how to cook!

If you use your Google Home in the kitchen, I’ll tell you that Count back 10 minutes It is a most useful function so that you do not burn rice. Also, if you do not know how to make a very tasty sauce your Google Home can dictate a recipe without major problem.

As if that seems too small, you can also set alarms, save notes or reminders at a certain time, and even create appointments in the calendar , just dictate the orders to your smart speaker. Useful, right?

7. Translate texts into different languages

This sounds like science fiction, but it is not. You can ask your assistant How do you say “Hello” in a lot of languages and he will answer you without hesitation.

If you want to improve your pronunciation you already have a teacher, and if you need someone with whom to practice English or another language, what better than your smart speaker to lose the shame.

Manage your shopping list or convert currencies, also at the stroke of an ‘Ok Google’ …

The Google Home app has your shopping list always ready , so it will be easy to tell him to keep a product or eliminate it, or to read what we have saved in the list before going to the supermarket.

Obviously, we can consult it with the smartphone, and even if we are traveling we can Convert coins or any other unit of measure just ask the assistant. In fact, it is also easy ask where the nearest supermarket is , or if we are waiting to go somewhere, we can ask you to look up information about a flight.

Google Home and Google Home Mini: this is EVERYTHING you can do with them

8. Control home automation devices

Google Home in Spanish also comes enabled for control the more than 1,500 connected devices that are compatible with the Google Assistant ecosystem, so if you have Xiaomi Yeelight lights or a smart Kasa plug , to give two examples, you can ask your Google Home to turn on the lights without major inconvenience, or to turn off the plug.

The possibilities in this case have yet to grow and are almost endless, limited only by the imagination of manufacturers and developers, so with such an interesting present the future can only paint more than good.

9. Play multimedia content on your connected devices

Another of the most interesting functions is precisely that of Play content directly on a TV or other connected media device , so if you want to see the last episode of your favorite series on Netflix, it will be enough for you to ask Google Home.

Identical result if we want to watch a video on YouTube, or want play music on Google Home itself or on wireless speakers . Ask for what you want to hear, and your wishes are orders for the assistant.

Google Home and Google Home Mini: this is EVERYTHING you can do with them

Endless possibilities that will only improve over time

To have a speaker always listening at home is still somewhat taboo between us, privacy is compromised and it is difficult to deliver it in exchange for functionality, however good it may be, although stop a moment to think … You already carry a speaker always listening in your bags and pockets! (so do not be alarmed)

Google Home is here to stay, and buying a Google Home in Spain is an equally feasible option to use the wizard that you configure it in your smartphone . In fact, the device for the home adds the possibility of controlling the home automation of your home, and that is a very juicy possibility.

Do you still have doubts? Google Home yes? Google Home not? Let us share your concerns in the comments, and if you want to keep informed to the fullestyou have everything so that you never miss any detail of what happens on the Google mobile platform.

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