Google has hired Apple’s chip maker

Google In the process of developing a dedicated chip, Apple specialists hire it.

Google continues to hire specialists Apple To develop dedicated chips. Based on the information provided, Google, which has been developing its own dedicated chip, is hiring someone who has been working on Apple for this purpose. According to The Information, the search giant hired people like John Bruno, who played a very important role in shaping the Apple Silicon Development team, making Apple’s products, such as the iPad and iPhone, much more advanced in terms of processing power than others. Products on the market. It’s not clear what this specialist is going to do on Google, because in his LinkedIn profile, Bruno is the architect of the system. John Bruno began working as a graphic designer at ATI, continuing to work as a senior engineer at AMD, and ultimately assuming the team leading the Fusion processors.

Considering Google’s recent recruitment, which includes Qualcomm’s engineers, it is expected that in the near future we will see Google increase the range of its proprietary processors. Now Google is the only one Screens with the name Pixel Visual Core Which has been used in pixel 2. Given the changes that Google has recently seen, it is expected that in the near future we will see a processor that will probably be used as the computing heart of the next pixels. Of course, it’s likely that Google will continue to work on artificial processors or image controllers.

Given Google’s recruitment process and changing the search engine’s hardware policy, Google seems to have decided to market products using the best hardware modules available. Perhaps the most basic reason why purchasing Nexus smartphones as well as Google’s pixels is justifiable for many to date is software features like the use of pure Android; however, Google intends to outperform its product features by placing a dedicated chip.

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