Google experimented with users and automatic energy saving


A Reddit user, surprised by the behavior of his phone, launched a question on the social network. Is anyone else suffering from automatic power- ups of the Android 9 Pie power-saving mode on their Pixel ? I was not alone Many users also had the same error, and surprisingly no one had updated their phone with any strange package.

The problem was so widespread that the response did not take long to appear on the part of Google itself, since the official account of the company in Reddit has confirmed hours later that it was a series of experimental tests that should not have reached so many users

The power saving mode of Android 9 Pie

Google experimented with users and automatic energy saving

The new smart energy saving mode of Android 9 Pie has brought many advantages to the system. This function is responsible for monitoring the applications that are not being used to prevent them from consuming energy in the background, in addition to checking the automatic brightness as we need it. In addition, the mode learns the way we use the phone, so it will limit those applications that affect us less in our day to day.

How to use the gestures of Android 9 Pie

But so many smart settings and many functions hide a lot of tests and studies, so Google is still investigating how to improve and continue to refine this utility. To do this, it conducts tests and experiments with users, activating and including new functions through system services such as Device Health Services or Google Play Services, a backdoor available for the giant that you agree to open by accepting the terms and conditions.

Problem solved

Google experimented with users and automatic energy saving

Google has confirmed that the battery savings tests have been removed, and all the affected devices are now available to the original settings again. This setting allows programming the automatic activation of the battery saving at the moment that the capacity reaches a defined percentage. The options pass from 5% to 75%, although the Google experiment allowed to activate it to 99%, something that immediately attracted the attention of users.

To verify that everything is correct (should, according to Google), you just have to go through the system settings, enter the preferences of the battery and check that the automatic energy saving can not be programmed for more than 75% battery.

What’s New in Android 9 Pie

Although everything has ended smoothly and with a happy ending, many users are wondering to what extent Google can modify your preferences for their own experiments. It may have been by accident but, do we know everything that happens in our terminal?

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