Google assistant will offer answers related to Yoigo


In Yoigo they know that Google’s assistant is sneaking into many homes, either through their own phones or with the help of a Google Home , so they had a great idea to continue offering information about their services through Google. the famous artificial intelligence.

The operator has developed some first conversations with which to interact through the Google assistant, so that users who are already customers and those who still are not can consult different questions related to the service.

Doubts resolved without leaving home and without calling by telephone

Google assistant will offer answers related to Yoigo

According to Yoigo, they are the first company in Spain that has used the Google assistant to create conversations as a technical and commercial support, since with the help of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the Google machine learning they are able to offer Quick solutions to certain questions posed by the user.

Users who are already Yoigo customers can link their My Yoigo account to obtain results related to their profile. For example, we can ask the assistant the data we have consumed so far, or where is the mobile in case we do not find it.

Fully integrated in the assistant

Google assistant will offer answers related to Yoigo

The integration of the service is total within the Google assistant , since we will only have to ask something related to the operator so that the Yoigo service is activated and offers its help. The list of compatible questions will be expanded as the service refines the doubts and requests more demands by customers, so it will only be a matter of time until we have to pick up the phone again in case we need technical assistance.

The service for now is not available in the wizard, since the results that appear for now are simple Google searches, however, it is expected that in the coming weeks the questions begin to have a life of their own and the answers have even more sense than before.

In the words of the MASMOVIL Group Hub Director, Alberto Galaso, “With this development we have taken a first step to learn how language recognition technologies and artificial intelligence can help our clients to manage their services in a simpler way. intuitive This is the future and we want to be pioneers in this field. “

It is of course an extremely interesting solution that we hope that the rest of the companies, since if they manage to outline even more the answers, they will be able to obtain an assistant with which to solve many of the problems that the clients suffer daily.

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