Google and Amazon are going for WhatsApp

In the world of instant messaging WhatsApp is king. There’s no doubt. The company owned by Facebook has been occupying the throne comfortably too long and, until now, no one has even approached to steal the site. But it seems that the WhatsApp era could have its days numbered. Or, at least, that is the intention of Google and Amazon. Yes, you read correctly, Amazon. New guests to the party want to dethrone the king. Will they be able?

For a long time, Google has not had any ambition in the world of smartphone messaging. His attempts in this field, with the Duo and Allo applications, have not been very successful. Nobody uses Google Duo for video calls is no secret, nor is it that Google Allo is not considered as an alternative in the field of instant messaging for most users. Probably the habit plays an important role, “everyone is on WhatsApp” and changing habits was never easy. But it is also true that none of Google’s alternatives is up to scratch. At least for the moment.

Those of Google want to enter the party. It seems that now. They are improving their instant messaging and it is planned that Google Duo can run on several devices soon. Allo, on the other hand, is receiving updates and has new stickers. Of course, if we talk about Google Hangouts, this is another story.

Meanwhile, the giant WhatsApp continues to grow and has just launched the digital payment system through the platform in India, the country where it has the most users. It is true that it is still in the testing phase but with its launch the Facebook followers continue to demonstrate that they want to continue moving forward and adapting to the different markets.

Android Messages

With this application, Google wants to stand up to iMessage. After years of trial and error, it seems that now all the pieces fit to beat in contention to Apple. For this, Google relies on RSC (Rich Communications Suite) technology, the successor SMS that could become the “WhatsApp of the future”. To understand, it would be like the union of text messages with WhatsApp chat. In addition, Android Messages will also have a web interface for the PC, finally.


A new competitor has entered the scene. And it seems that it can overshadow the giant. Devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Spots or Echo Show provide new ways to interact with messaging. They have arrived late to the party but they have become real protagonists. At least, they have brought changes.

We do not know how much it takes for Amazon to conquer more homes and this form of communication prevails. If so, it would be ahead of Google in WhatsApp hunting. The game would be very interesting.

So what do you think? Google or Amazon?

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