Goodbye to Substratum. Google announces that it will not be possible to apply themes on Android P


How far are those days in which Android 8.0 promised to use Substratum without the need for root ! With the first betas of Android P In operation many users saw how compatibility with the theme manager had been eliminated, but doubted if it was a temporary problem. Unfortunately, Google has just confirmed that in the final version of Android P you can not apply themes of Substratum .

Substratum is one of the motors of topics best known to the developer community Android and those who have ever rooted your phone, because it is one of the essential apps to personalize our phone in all aspects. The app allows the devices that are rooted to execute custom ROMs to install all kinds of themes and just a year ago the XDA guys managed to apply themes from Substratum on unrooted phones, thanks to Android Oreo .

With the presentation of Android P this changed and already in the first beta of the operating system it was seen that the tool could no longer be used in the latest version of the software available for users and developers. Many expected this problem to be relegated to betas, but Google has just eliminated all hope of using Substratum to apply themes on Android P .

Goodbye to Substratum.  Google announces that it will not be possible to apply themes on Android P

Goodbye to Substratum … for the moment

The key to the matter is found in the use of Overlay Manager Service (OMS) , tool that app developers like Substratum used to be able to change the look and interface of Android applications and, therefore, apply themes on Android P or in any another version of the operating system. According to Google, this tool is going to stop being accessible, which will prevent applying issues with and without root.

Earlier this year, a security patch was released (CVE-2017-13263) for Android Oreo devices. The patch restricts the installation of overlays in applications pre-installed or signed by the system, in response to a legitimate security problem found in Android Oreo. Android P also includes this critical security patch, so it restricts overlays in the same way that Android Oreo does.

Google ends the statement claiming that they will continue working on the themes for Android P, but does not give any information. Now the ball is on the roof of the developers, who sure are already looking for ways to bypass these protections of the company’s software so that applications like Substratum return to the user’s full personalization of their terminals.

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