Goodbye to scams? WhatsApp will notify of suspicious links


Lancôme Gifts , accounts of Spotify Premium free, gift beer … even Burger King coupons They have starred in some of the most talked about WhatsApp scams. The people in charge of the messaging application are concerned that their software is used to deceive the users and they have worried about launching a tool that allows getting rid of this type of scams.

Since ADSLZone they inform us that the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android has just been released and, as advised from WABetaInfo , hides a novelty in the form of warning or alert of the usual suspicious links that usually accompany the scams mentioned above. This will make it quite clear to the user that accessing the link contained in a particular message could endanger their private data.

Will apps that allow reading messages deleted in WhatsApp stop working?

It is the latest version of the beta of WhatsApp for Android , the number 2.18.206, which allows us to warn a warning message every time we receive a message with a URL that the service managers could consider as dangerous. Whatsapp has been working in this function since the beta version of 2.18.204, so it is not yet available for development reasons. One of the reasons why it is not yet available may be the work on the algorithm used to detect suspicious or fraudulent links.

Goodbye to scams?  WhatsApp will notify of suspicious links

The aim of this new tool is, without a doubt, to end phishing, spam, and other means used by cybercriminals to gain the trust of users and put their devices at risk, without being aware of it.

How to notify of a suspicious link?

The function is called Detection of suspicious links s and will help the user to detect suspicious links received through individual chats or groups. When you receive a message that contains a URL, the application will analyze it to check if it redirects to a real page or a fake website. All this happens in the background and when Whatsapp detects a suspicious link, the message is marked with a red label warning of the danger of accessing it.

The system contains a double verification, because if you ignore the red mark and choose to open the Suspect WhatsApp link , you will be notified once again with an alert message that you must accept to access the URL in question.

Goodbye to scams?  WhatsApp will notify of suspicious links

The operation of the tool is local, ie c Every time WhatsApp analyzes a link to find unusual characters, no data is sent to the servers Whatsapp . There is no more information on how true links will achieve true false links in real time, but it is expected that in the following betas of WhatsApp for Android Let’s have more details about it.

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