Giratina stars in the 2018 Halloween event of Pokémon GO


One more year is approaching one of the events most awaited by the vast majority of players who are still hooked to the title of Niantic (who continues to enjoy a privileged position in the applications markets). If in previous years it was the ghost-like creatures that starred in the Halloween event of Pokémon GO , now it is Giratina, one of the most powerful characters in the game, who takes much of the prominence of the new festival that is celebrated in the application.

Giratina is a legendary ghost / dragon type Pokémon introduced in the fourth generation, in Pokémon GO for the joy of all the fans of the game. According to its history in video games (and movies) this creature is responsible for protecting the World Distortion, something that led her to be the mascot of the game Pokémon Platinum. Now you have the opportunity to capture Giratina in Pokémon GO , although it will not be easy, as you can imagine.

Giratina stars in the 2018 Halloween event of Pokémon GO

Giratina in the Halloween 2018 of Pokémon GO

The 2018 Halloween event of Pokémon GO has a limited duration. It will start today, October 23 at 22:00 CET and will allow players from around the world to get double candy for each Pokémon that is trapped until November 1 at 22:00 CET. That is, you have something more than a week to get many more candies and find many more ghost-type Pokémon throughout the game.

Some more time you have to capture Giratina in Pokémon GO who will appear for the first time, , in the raids. This Legendary Pokémon of Dragon and Ghost type will be available in the game from the same day that the 2018 Halloween Pokémon GO event begins but will remain a few days longer in the game. concretely you have until the next November 20 at 22:00 CEST.

The investigations also receive news during the next days, since they are added special research tasks and other field investigations carried out by Pokémon of type Ghost and Sinister type during the Halloween event, an event that also leaves us new cosmetic elements to customize our avatars related to the ghostly creatures that “swarm” through the game these days. For example, you can get a Drifloon cap to a Gengar backpack.

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