Get up to 25% discount on iLife vacuum cleaner robots during the Amazon Prime Day

Get up to 25% discount on iLife vacuum cleaner robots during the Amazon Prime Day

If you are thinking of buying a new robot vacuum cleaner for home, you can not miss this opportunity, because During the Amazon Prime Day, iLife products will have discounts of up to 25% . This brand has a wide range of robot vacuum cleaners, including the new iLife A4s (which we will talk about later) and a long experience in the sector accredited by a growing popularity in Amazon (has managed to steal the throne from the famous Conga de Cecotec) .

It is true that when we speak of robot vacuum cleaners, the first name that comes to mind is that of Roomba , however, we are seeing as new brands such as Cecotec, Xiaomi or in this case iLife, they are making a niche in the market due to its good work during these last years.

Discounts of up to 25% during the Amazon Prime Day

From iLife they are preparing, so much so, that we will see how many of his products of its two series, the V and the A , like the iLife V5S Pro or the iLife A6, they will see their price reduced by up to 25% .

In the case of the V series products, we are before hybrid vacuum cleaner robots , capable of vacuuming and scrubbing our home as thoroughly as any other high-end robot vacuum cleaner model. They have i-Dropping technology , to properly distribute the water drip during cleaning, Max mode, for a five times more powerful suction, and Battery up to 90 minutes long .

Get up to 25% discount on iLife vacuum cleaner robots during the Amazon Prime Day

As for the products that make up the series A, carpet experts , include technologies such as CyclonePower ™ (from the A6 model), PanoView recognition system (in the A8 model), Max mode and batteries of up to 120 minutes (in the entire A series).

Get the iLife A4s with an extra € 5 discount on Amazon

If you are looking for a balanced model that suits basic cleaning needs, and that also has the biggest possible discount of the Prime Day , the iLife vacuum cleaner robot that will best fit you is the. This robot vacuum cleaner has hundreds of favorable opinions on Amazon and an average of 4 and a half stars, so your purchase will be an assured success. The A4s of iLife is designed to thoroughly clean both the carpets and the floor of your home , making use of its advanced cleaning technology and spatial recognition for it.

Use the A4SCHMTR code to get an extra € 5 discount on the iLife A4s

One of the strengths of the iLife A4s is that uses CyclonePower technology , which makes sure that the side brushes sweep the dirt towards the center, the main brush picks up the dirt and the powerful suction takes it to the collection tank. Also, start using it is as simple as pressing the button clean or schedule a schedule so you can do everything automatically. Below you can see his official presentation video:

Finally, highlight that It is able to cover a total area of ​​up to 195 square meters , return to your charging station automatically or make use of the cleaning system mini room , which will allow us to clean more conscientiously some of the rooms and in a reduced time. Take advantage of this great opportunity and get one of the best vacuum robots on the market at a very affordable price. Remember to use the A4SCHMTR coupon to get an extra € 5 at your Prime Day discount .


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