Get the Pikachu special for the second anniversary of Pokémon GO


We all know that the anniversaries of the game of Niantic they are starring Pikachu , the small yellow rodent that accompanies the protagonist of the animated series of Pokémon. During the first anniversary of Pokémon GO, we had the opportunity to get to Pikachu with Ash’s cap . Now, we reveal how to get the Special Pikachu of the second anniversary of Pokémon GO.

He second anniversary of Pokémon GO starts today, and the first way to celebrate Niantic’s birthday is to give coaches the opportunity to capture, again, a Pikachu exclusive. in this case, after seeing the little monster with a hat and a party cap, Pikachu You will wear a nice hat and sunglasses. Niantic has decided to call it ” Summer Pikachu

Niantic and The Pokemon Company are teaming up to flood the game with the most recognizable and popular Pokémon characterized in this peculiar way. But it is not the only novelty that we will find during the second anniversary of Pokémon GO , since there are also items that can be purchased so that coaches can customize their avatars with new clothes. For example, those trainers with a fan gold medal of Pikachu They will be able to buy all the objects related to the character, such as a T-shirt and their recognizable ears.

Get the Pikachu special for the second anniversary of Pokémon GO

What happens if I do not get the summer Pikachu?

Not only Pikachu will appear more regularly during these days, but Pichu It will do the same, although without personalized elements. Look for both Pikachu and Pichu for your streets, since until July 31 they will appear much more frequently than usual on the game map.

How will you know, a couple of weeks ago was one of the most anticipated news for the players of Pokémon GO . We speak, of course, of the possibility of exchange Pokémon with our friends . In this way, if we fail to capture the special Pikachu from the second anniversary of Pokémon GO , we can always exchange it with some generous contact, although it may require us enough things to give us his creature dressed in a hat and sunglasses.

You can now download Pokémon Quest on iOS and Android

If you are less than 100 meters from another Trainer that you have added to your list of friends you can start exchanging Pokemon by clicking on the card of your friend and selecting “Exchange”. You will have to wait a few seconds for your friend to appear available and your pokédex will appear, where you must choose the Pokémon to exchange and, hopefully, receive the Special Pikachu of the second anniversary of Pokémon GO .

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